Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Giveaway!

As I was blog browsing today in between phone calls at work, I ran across this nice giveaway and had to pass along the word!

So go on and sign up as well! If you win you can always give it to me for my birthday. (Sure it is 6 months away, but who's counting? We can celebrate my birthday anytime...right!?!)

Also...I got some sewing (and cutting) done this weekend for the two swaps I signed up for, and popped them in the mail this morning on my way to my Dr. Appt. (Betsy, I finally got that mole looked at, they think it was most likely nothing, but just to be safe went ahead and took it off and sent it to the lab!)

Here everything cut up and ready to go for the Pink/Green/White No Sew Block Swap!
And here are the nine patch and Christmas tree blocks (12 total of each) for the Holly Jolly Block Swap! (Since the fabric was already a bit flashy (It has a good bit of gold in it), I went with a simple pattern, not sure it I should have done more or not, the nice thing is that you can easily add more to it, so if the people in my swap want more they can easily "decorate" the tree with ribbons, buttons, etc!)


Andy's Bethy said...

Glad you finally got that mole taken care of. They always worry me.
Very cute giveaway. I will have to go check it out if I get a chance. I always run out of time!
Speaking of which, I need to go feed my children, and do some laundry. ARGH!!
Hopefully I will get around to blogging on my page tonight!
Oh, and that gold snowflake tree is really cool. Not something I would normally expect to like, but it looks really neat. I am sure it will be appreciated.
Remind me to find my cutting board/mat thing when I am at mom's this weekend. It is missing, so hopefully I left it at her house! I have my rotary cutters, but they aren't much use without the mat.

Bobbi said...

thanks for the blurb about the blog give away!!! i have a sister and sometimes wish i had a few!!! goodluck!

Katy said...

Love the pink and green for the block swap! I think our blocks will go nice together ;o)


Jennifer said...

I think leaving the trees bare is a great choice. I'm doing the ornaments for our group and at first I started adding decor stitches off the ornament, but then started thinking I would leave it bare. The recipients will be able to embellish it a bit more to make it uniform with all the others.