Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been feeling lazy

I have been feeling a bit lazy these past few days. I just can't seem to get into the mood to get anything done when I get home after work.
I have been enjoying some movie nights!

Tuesday night, after running by Whole Foods (well Harry's) and Kroger since I was basically out of food at home, I watched "Martian Child."It is a really sweet movie about a widower who decides to adopt a child. So sweet! I had bought it ages ago (one of my Blockbuster Video previously viewed dvd sales purchases) but I had never gotten around to watching it. Mom told me that she had just watched it and it was sweet so I decided to pull it out when I got home and enjoyed it thoroughly! (I did get a little bit of progress on my knitted scarf as well!)

Last night I still just wanted to chill after a long day at work, so I put in "Fame"I had wanted to go see it in the theaters, but didn't get a chance, so I bought it when it came out and just got the chance to watch it. I was able to finish my scarf and so now I just need to take care of the loose strings from tying on the different colors for the stripes and I have a finished product!
Yay! At least I got something done, even if I can't get around to typing up that review, or get to any of my sewing that I really want to do, but just can't without the motivation!

I signed up for another night at Sips N Strokes! I am so excited!! I had so much fun last May when I went with my sister and a few of her friends. The painting this time is amazing!! I am going to the East Cobb location (same one I went to before) and we are doing the Saturday Feb 6th 7-10 pm painting. I hope to get a group together, so far I have one of my neighbors in for sure and maybe a second one! If you want to come along as well go online here and you can register! I hope I can do the painting justice, but if not I am sure it will still be a fun night!!

I am wearing my new scarf today! (the one from Monday night) I think it is very appropriate for this time of year since it is red and I sewed it with pink thread! It is a Valentine's scarf!!I am also wearing my comfy Old Navy sweater boots that I love!!

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mellison290 said...

Such a cute scarf and shoes to go with such a cute gal! :)

Looking forward to future post of our Feb art painting!