Thursday, May 28, 2009

Painting, Crocheting, & Missing Natalie!

Here's Betsy & I with our new haircuts!!

I have found a new favorite thing to do!!! Betsy's friend Carrie set up for a group of us girls to head to Sips N Strokes on Tuesday night for a one day late birthday party for B. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I would recommend it to anyone-any age!! It was so much fun and it was really easy to follow the directions. There were around 50 people there total and each of the paintings turned out so different-even though we were all following the same directions. You can really see the difference in just our small group of 5 painters-they all turned out different! Betsy already wrote all about it and put some pictures on her blog here, but I will share a few (or maybe I should say several) pictures as well!
Betsy in her apron!

Carrie & Betsy

Ready to paint!

My blank canvas!

The background-I have already made a mess!

Finished product-now you can see the complete mess I made of paint everywhere!!

B & I with our paintings!

Betsy with her masterpiece!

The whole group! (Well our small group-there was about 50 people there total)

Also I have been busy working on a baby blanket for my friend of about 20 years Amanda who is pregnant with her first. For some reason it is taking me forever to get these squares done and the final product is still so incredibly small!! Her shower is on Saturday morning and I am afraid I will be taking a card with a note that I will hopefully have the blanket finished sometime before the arrival of their little guy-because it doesn't look promising that it will be done in time for the shower! I hope that it will, but I am not holding my breath!!And last, but certainly not least, here is a picture of Natalie and I. She is leaving me for Hawaii in the morning (for 6 months!!!) and I already miss her like crazy! Now I just have to come up with a good reason to hop a plane and go visit her!!! (The beach is calling to me!!)


Alicia said...

I love ya'lls new haircuts!! Super cute!! I need a new do too!! Are you coming to Dallas this weekend? If so, we will see you Friday night at the church!

Carrie said...

You are so crafty and creative! AND you have FOLLOW through. I have so many half started projects...
I am glad you had fun, I LOVE the painting and I for sure want to do it regularly!