Monday, January 25, 2010

I think I may have a problem...

They say the first step to dealing with an addiction is admitting you have a problem...


My name is Emilee.

I am addicted to yarn/fabric sales.

I had already spent a good amount of money at Joann's and Michaels earlier in the week, then I ran by Michaels (to return something) and all their Christmas ribbon was on sale...which means I came out of the store with these. (At least it was 90% off so basically about $1 each)
After the baby shower on Saturday (I did finish the quilt in time for the shower! Here it is all washed and dried and ready to be loved!)

Anyway....after the shower mom and I ran to the Walmart in Cartersville because they are closing their fabric department..therefore all cut by the yard fabric and trim was 50% off!

I went a little crazy


Maybe a LOT crazy!

Mom and I were there for hours!! (Although, that seems to happen any time I go into Walmart, it is like a Twilight Zone or something!)

Here is my giant purchase
(I put the fabric into piles, basically which ones will go together for a quilt, so you will see several pictures of the same piece of fabric in it because I will just be using part of it for each quilt.)

I bought some panels, which I have not done before, but hey, if you are blowing the budget, go ahead and go all out right!?! There were three fabric books that I can make and 2 ready made blankets that I just have to put a binding on!)

We also got a some fun fabric for a bag or something. (We will have to have a mom/daughter sewing night and get them made!)
Here is where the piles for quilts begins (mainly baby quilts of course) and some spare fabrics that I just wanted to get and we will see what I do with it!
You can never have too much white, so I just bought all that was left on the two bolts of white fabric they had.And here is the pile of trims I got.

As if that wasn't enough, I had to run to Michaels again on Sunday (needed some Mod Podge-will show that project once I actually get around to doing it!) and I found a cute knitting book and some fun yarn on sale. I had a coupon for 25% off your total purchase so the new book and some yarn came home with me along with the Mod Podge stuff I needed and a canvas that I want to take to my MIL. (I have a request in for a painting from our trip to Europe last Fall-I am collecting paintings from everywhere we go, but since we were traveling light, I couldn't actually bring any home with me. Thankfully I have a super talented MIL who can just paint something for us from one of our photographs!!) I am really a beginner level knitter so we will see if I can even do these, but they were so cute (and on sale-you know me and my addiction) so I bought them!

I am having a girls sewing/crafting night with two of my neighbors tonight.
I am so excited!
I will try to remember to get some pictures and post them later!
(Although, this means I most likely still won't get that review written for The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I don't know what my issue is. I can't seem to get it written, but I also don't want to get into another book until I get it written so I really need to just buckle down and write the review!!)


Nichole said...

Ooooooh!!! can't wait to see the little toys you make with the yarn!!! too cute! thanks for stopping by the blog! good luck on winning the bath & body stuff! :)

Andy's Bethy said...

So, where are you going to put all of this stuff? Kevin is going to have to rearrange the house again!!