Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ode to Beautiful Blogland

Beautiful Blogland, oh how I love thee
bloggers of the world with talent overflowing
share their fabulous ideas making me dream
and wish for more time in the day to try everything
you make me smile and then cry
because I realize I can't afford all of your wonderful offerings
but then oh beautiful blogland you have a wonderful giveaway
(set up by sew mama sew)
and I smile again because of all the fun chances at winning!

O.K. So I obviously didn't get the poem writing gene...
but that is my attempt to display my happiness at all the wonderful giveaways going on in blogland right now!
If you want to join in on the fun, check out sew mama sew and see all the talented crafters participating in the giveaway!

Also, several of the talented bloggers participating in the giveaway are listed below, click on their names to see their giveaway and sign up to try to win yourself!!
A Crazy Quilting Adventure
Petits Details
Splitting Stiches
Dixie Mango
Finger Thumb
(I request that you send this one to me if you win please!!)

And, on a side note, here is one of those times when I am inspired and amazed at a beautiful work of art, then discouraged because of the cost. I am amazed at how expensive fabric can be-but that elephant fabric is some of the cutest fabric I have ever seen!! (Why oh why must I have an expensive hobby!!)

Also: I will try to remember to add a few pictures to this post from what I have been working on in the sewing room!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Isn't blogland great?!

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway!

Mandi said...

Emilee, you inspire me with all of your many projects that you're working on! You are quite the talented woman! Please forgive me for not getting back to you about meeting up this PAST Monday. Our family has been under the weather, and I have been cooped up, waiting to feel better before seeing anyone. Is there another time that would work for you to meet up? Maybe next week? Let me know!