Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a wonderful Holiday weekend!! I love this time of year!!
Thursday (Thanksgiving day) we went over to Kevin's mom's house for a Thanksgiving feast. My parents and youngest sister came over as well, so it was a nice full table and a fun afternoon of dominoes! (Whenever we get together with the family, on my side or my husband's side, it is all about the games!! We love all types of games-and can get quite competitive-it is hilarious!!)
Friday I was able to take the day off of work, so I got up and did a little Black Friday Shopping and then cleaned the house and did laundry and felt very domesticated all day and loved it! I also started addressing Christmas cards...we got our Christmas cards in that I ordered from Snapfish last week, and we also got the photo books just in time so that we could show them to all the family over the Holiday weekend. (I love them, however there are a few pictures that are really dark and I am disappointed in that! I am not sure if I should see if they can fix it or not, they were really expensive, but I hate to complain!) Friday night we had our Movie Night in our neighborhood, it was soooo cold, but we did have a few families come out to enjoy our outdoor viewing of a Christmas Movie to start out the Holidays!! Next thing on the list (I am in charge of our Social Committee so I set up all the events for the neighborhood) is our Annual Caroling Night. But that isn't until December 21st, so I have awhile before I have to think about that. (We got the newsletter finished and delivered so everyone knows the date already!) I did a little bit of sewing, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. (However, I have gotten 3 more finishes checked off the WIP to do list since I wrote last-so many friends are expecting, so baby stuff is what I have on the to do list right now-along with some Christmas projects!)
(Trying to decide what to do with this fabric, I am thinking a Christmas table runner maybe?)

Saturday I ran by Joannes (had to get some of the specials they had going on-I spent more than I should have, but I got over 20 spools of thread at 50% off plus an extra 20%!) and then up to mom and dad's house for our family Thanksgiving! It was another big meal and fun day of games (Last Word and Up the River Down the River) and ended with a Christmas Movie! (Holiday Inn) I love it when we are all together!!Sunday I didn't feel good, but was feeling up to meeting everyone in Town Center for a little shopping and dinner before Mary flew back to TX and ABC&Z headed back south. I am so glad I was able to feel up to it, because we ended up finding Kevin's Christmas present, which means I think I am nearly done with all my gift shopping!!
(These were taken after dinner on Sunday evening-the boys decided they wanted to sit in the back of the truck on the way home! They are so silly, thankfully we were able to convince them this might not be the best place to sit for a four hour drive in the cold!! The last picture I told all the adults in the back to smile and snapped the picture. (I had been just getting the boys and everyone else was in the background talking so I thought I'd get a quick shot) Look at all the cheese'n faces (and whatever kind of face it is that all the husbands are making!?!)...I love my family, too funny!!!


Andy's Bethy said...

All the guys, but especially Kevin look hilarious in that last picture! Those are some cute shots of my boys - send them to me, okay!
We sure did have a great weekend, didn't we? I realized that I didn't get a single picture on my camera. I am completely dependent upon the sisters to have come through with something to be memorable! I wonder if the in-laws took any pics at their house? I guess 2009 will not be remembered in the photo album!

Leslie said...

thanks for entering my blog giveaway. good luck