Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, I didn't mean to wait so long before I posted again, but I seem to get really busy with everyday life lately, and run out of time to post my thoughts!!

I pulled out the Christmas decor (well, actually Kevin got it out of the attic for me!!-I can't carry those big boxed down on my own!) and started working on decorating the house this weekend. I love this time of year, but I am reminded how little storage space we have, because I pulled pretty much everything out of our overstuffed attic, and it still seems like a very sparsely decorated house. Oh, well, Kevin says he likes it that way...he doesn't want it to seem too crowded I guess! We still need to get the tree and pull out the Bethlehem Village. I guess that is why it still seems like I am missing something, those are the two biggest decorations we do!! I also think I want to get something for our mailbox this year. I also worked on our Christmas cards and I think I got almost all of them addressed and ready to go...except for the few that I still need addresses for. When I ordered them I got 80 (because it was a better deal per card when you ordered that many- so it was nearly the same price for 80 as it was for 60) and Kevin laughed at me for ordering so many asking if I was going to hand them out to strangers or something!! But there are only a few left over, and I am sure I will remember some people to send to if I look through my address book again!! Now to find the time to make it to the post office and get some international stamps for the few that I need of those!!

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and decided to try to read the Twilight books. (I am giving them to my sister for Christmas-it is what she asked for-so I thought I would give it a try.) I am normally not a big romance reader, but so far I am really enjoying it. (I am less than halfway through the first book and there are you think I am going to be able to get through them all before Chrismas?) Maybe I shouldn't have added this to my To Do List right now before Christmas!! Oh well, too late now!!

I visited with Grandma Micki (Kevin's Grandma) a bit on Sunday and then went shopping while I was over on her side of town (She has some great stores that I don't have near me...Borders & Old Navy are two of my faves!!) I love to shop. I definately belive in retail theropy. There is something so rewarding about finding exactly what I am looking for, or finding a great deal on something!! I don't have any pictures, but I did find some great gifts and a few things for myself! After a few more errands I had pretty much used up the day so I headed back home to make a Red Velvet Cake for my mother's birthday. (I was able to use my Christmas Apron I made last year, now we just need to get around to doing the Christmas cookies bake day!! Kels and Mom-what about Saturday after the luncheon?) I really do love to bake...although I am always burning things, even after 6 years I still can't seem to bake things in my gas oven correctly!! However, I didn't end up burning the cake and I think it turned out pretty good. (At least everyone ate it today at lunch, so I am taking that as a good sign!)

I did a bit of sewing over the weekend as well, and since I never ended up posting pictures of what I had been working on over the week I have a few of those pictures to share as well. (sorry the lighting wasn't very good on these shots.) I am not really sure what overcame me when I put the light blue snowman and golden/paisley fabric together! Oh well! I like working with what I have and seeing what comes from it, but sometimes the results are not what you thought they would be!! I am really looking forward to working with some of the new fabrics I have purchased recently, but most of those I am saving until after the holidays. (because I am trying to get all these other projects finished for the Joy in the New Year Challange...however, I have put those to the side for the moment to work on some Christmas projects!!)

Another thing checked off the to do list this weekend...Kevin and I finally got my elephant painting framed and hung, (that Barb had painted for me for my birthday...for Christmas she said I could pick out a picture from our trip to Europe that I want painted and she will do that sometime next year when she has the time... I am so lucky to have such a talented Mother in law!!) along with some pictures Kelsey had brough to me from when she was in Thialand a few years ago. I had them in a smaller frame, but I put them with some fabulous paper I found at Michaels and put it all in 2 nice matching frames and I really like how it all turned out! (Just ignore the caulking patch above the painting, that is from the nail hole from the old picture that hung above our bed before-I will get that touched up sometime this week...hopefully!!)

A bit of t.v. news...I said goodbye to MONK this week. I really liked that show. (It drove Kevin crazy, but I loved it!) I was sad to see it go, but I guess everything has to come to an end at some point. I am also still enjoying GLEE! Although the season finally for that is this week. (And I can get Kevin to watch that one with me!! Even though it is full of singing...he normally hates musicals, but he watches that with me!!) I haven't watched as many Christmas movies this week as I should if I want to get them all watched before Christmas, but I have already realized that this is not a very likely goal that I will attain!

Two big things are coming up this weekend. Friday is my mystery date night with Kevin. Months ago Kevin came home with a sealed envelope that said "Do not open until Dec 11th" so I had to hide it from myself or I would have been too curious and it would have been driving me crazy!! But now that it is finally this week I am really excited to see what he has planned!!
Also Saturday Kelsey invited me to sing with her at a Ladies Christmas Luncheon they are having at her church. I am really excited about that as well. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE singing with my sisters, so I don't turn down an opportunity to do that...especially since it is Christmas songs, which are some of my fave!!


Josh'sWif said...

Oh, that date night is exciting!!

I never was able to get into Monk, but I love Glee...and its the ONE show Josh will watch with me too!

Have fun with Twilight...I adore the books!

Carrie said...

MYSTERY DATE!!! What a guy! Can't wait to hear all about it!
You are such a busy busy busy girl!

Andy's Bethy said...

I LOVE the elephant picture arrangement. It looks great.
I am so jealous that you get to go sing with Kelsey. I miss that so much - my boys sing with me all the time, but it really isn't the same!
Can't wait to hear about the mystery date.