Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not in the sewing mood...

I have been keeping busy, doing a lot of nothing lately!!

Well, not all of it is is just not what I should be doing, like sewing and reading! (I still haven't even finished the first Twilight book, there is no way I am going to get them all read before Christmas!)

I am not sure what my issue is, because I really want to sew and I want to read, but once I get home all I do is zone out in front of the tube and call it a day!! Of course, this could have something to do with the fact that I am exhausted once I get home because I have been out shopping every evening after work!!

I think I have a serious problem!!

I cannot stop shopping!!

All kinds of, at the mall, in antique stores, etc. I don't buy everything I see, but I have been buying a ton...just doing my part to help the economy!!!

I found a book for Betsy (since I am going to be borrowing her Christmas present as soon as I give it to her-I'd post a picture-but I want it to be a surprise!) and I bought some adorable new fabric!! (And spent more than I normally would, but still most of it was on sale at least a little bit!!)I am so excited about cutting into that scrumpciousness (is that even a word, and if it is did I spell it anywhere close to right?) sometime in the new year...but it must go on the back burner for now, because I haven't been in my sewing room (except when I was using it to wrap presents this weekend) and I have a ton of unfinished projects in there. Which is actually normal for my sewing room...unfinished projects...but I really was doing good at getting some of them done for the Joy in the New Year Challenge, and I hope to get my sewing mojo back and get some more done before the end of the year...but there is so many other things to do right now...

This weekend is the Reynolds Family Christmas party at Kevin's Aunt & Uncle's house-so I will need to get some rolls made! (And hopefully find a way to cover the mountain of a pimple that is taking over the left side of my nose...really, I am 28 years old, why do I still get ginormous-take-over-your-face-scary stress zits like a teenager right before prom!!)

Todd is in town this week and I MUST see him while he is home!!

Kels & Mare are in the Nativity Ballet this weekend and I really want to go see them in that

Then I have a ton of work that I need to do (including clean my house-yikes!!) for Mary's 22nd Birthday Party (She is 22 on the 22nd-a big birthday this year!!) and the Neighborhood Caroling Event on Monday evening! I love party's, but since everyone knows I love them, and love planning them, the pressure is on to make this one great because everyone will be expecting it...I can't have an OK party...that would ruin my street cred as the go to party planning girl in the family!!

Find the time for our Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day! (Seriously, when are we doing this girls, Christmas is almost here!!)

Oh and here are some pictures from the Christmas luncheon mom and I went to with Kelsey at her church last Saturday. It was a great event, and I enjoyed the speaker (who is a fitness trainer and speaker) and visiting with Mom, Kels, and the other ladies at the table. The table was 3 mother/daughter sets plus me-the extra daughter at the table!! (I really loved singing with Kelsey-but we didn't end up with a picture of us when I was playing the guitar-and only two bad pictures of us singing "Breathe of Heaven" the other pictures are from afterwards, but they're not great either, two of them are from Hannah's camera that I took from her facebook album that she posted because I didn't get very many pictures!) After the luncheon we did some shopping (of course-that is what I am good at right now apparently!!) and I ended up spending a wonderful afternoon/evening with Mom and Kels on Saturday. Sunday evening Kev & I met Kels & Travis in town for some shopping and dinner. It is so nice to have one of my sisters living close by!!(Kelsey was wearing high heels and is super tall in these pictures!!)(our table of mother/daughters)(My $15 boots from Old Navy that I bought the weekend before!!)
(we decided to try some move the speaker (who is also a fitness trainer) was teaching us to help with our Binkley Arms!!)

The weather was rainy all weekend and so we didn't get a I think we have decided to not do a tree this year. I got my Bethleham Village out and set up on the piano and added some more decorations to the mantle, then put the presents on the fireplace hearth and called the Christmas decorations done! I am not sure if I am really pleased with the idea of not having a Christmas tree, but it will be a lot less hassle to have to deal with putting up and taking down a tree this I have already spent the money we would have spent on the tree elsewhere!!


Carrie said...

No Christmas tree?!?! What do you mean by Binkley mean slender arms??! ha ha ha!

I am with you on the "still getting breakouts" thing...ugh! stinks!

Andy's Bethy said...

You crack me up!!!
Okay, love the fabric! Saw the pics of the party on FB, and am so sad that I wasn't there. Wish I could come to Mary's party and C'mas cookie day. Maybe I should let mom come get me and spend the entire week before Christmas up there?!? Poor Andy though....
Don't stress about the tree - it was originally a pagan symbol anyway, just adapted to Christian later on. Totally unnecessary for the celebration of the birth of the savior.
Sorry about the pimple - when do they stop? Hitting 30 didn't help yet. Sorry!