Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nativity Giveaway!

My sister is trying to win this beautiful nativity set, so I thought I would post about this giveaway as well, and get an extra entry so we can try to get this for her!!

My sister absolutely LOVES nativity sets. I think our whole family does really. growing up we had this adorable little painted wooden one that we would play with and each day make the wise men get closer and closer as we counted down to Christmas! (Hey, where is that anyhow? I loved that thing!!) There are so many memories with that wonderful nativity set.

We also had a big table top stable that we would set up as well with a nativity set. One year we didn't do a tree, we just set up the nativity on a table and just used that. (Personally, I like having a tree-but since we don't have one at our house this year maybe I should see if I can borrow the stable and nativity from mom!!)

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Andy's Bethy said...

That is a good question - where is that old nativity set? And the big old stable? I am pretty sure it was just plywood - so it may have finally fallen apart... but the people were solid wood. They better still be around somewhere!