Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Surprise Date Night with Hubby!

O.K. I think I have put you through

enough waiting...

now to the reveal of what a wonderful job hubby did with his surprise date night last Friday.

A little back story first....just in case you forgot!!

Several months ago, hubby came home with an envelope that said:

"Do Not Open Until December 11th"

I had to put said envelope in a stack of paperwork so that 1) I wouldn't lose my patience and just open it and 2) I wouldn't lose the envelope and then be without a surprise date night altogether! (I have a problem with losing papers very easily-not sure why that is-I am a fairly organized person!)

It was finally close enough two weekends ago that we pulled the envelope to the top of the pile and I started thinking about it quite often, and getting REALLY excited. Now, I was careful how I thought about it, because I didn't want to figure it out and ruin the surprise, but of course I had to do some thinking/guessing as to what I thought it would be.

Here is what I had deducted from what I knew:
1) It had to be somewhat in the area, because I had plans for Saturday and he didn't ask me to cancel or change them-we only needed Friday night
2) I figured on it being tickets of some sort-since it was in an envelope and fit just fine (unless he was doing what Kelsey had thought and just tricking me with a "gotcha" note inside...he would have been in major trouble had that been the case!!)
3) It was something that I would want to do (I had a panic attack for a moment, when I teasingly told a friend "Watch it be a tractor pull or something"...Oh My Gosh...what if it is a wrestling match or monster truck rally tickets...would he do that to me, just for a laugh!?!?)

Friday evening we got home early from work (he had told me I needed to be home early) and I was finally able to open the envelope!!
It turned out even better than I expected, because it was something that I really would enjoy...and he wouldn't really enjoy-yet he bought them anyhow and surprised me with it!! I didn't have to ask and beg him to buy the tickets and then drag him there kicking and screaming.

Wait!! (You say)

Emilee...you still haven't told us what it was yet!!

Where/what were the tickets for?

What was the big surprise?!?

Here is some of what I saw as we were driving there...

Tickets to the opening night at the Fox Theatre (and not in the nosebleed section...like I usually have to buy tickets for!) for the Atlanta Ballet's 50th Anniversary Nutcracker!


What an amazing guy!!

A music and dance filled performance (he is not a fan of music or dance anything really),
and it was in Atlanta (he hates to go downtown, I LOVE it, he hates it!!),
all a surprise just for me!!

I sure do love my guy!!And that wasn't all...


There is more?

How could there be more? (you ask)

Oh yes!! There is more!! He came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and then bought me two nutcracker dolls (I collect them) while we were there!Oops, I don't have a picture on my camera of the other one...it is the mouse king! So cute and says Atlanta Ballet on it!! Sadly, a good amount of the pictures I took were on his camera (which I am in love with...but that is another story for another day!!) but the pictures above are a few from our night that I took on my little Kodak Easy Share-throw in my purse and take everywhere with me-camera.

**Added some pictures from Kevin's camera**


Josh'sWif said...

I'm sure that was an awesome night! I love it when they do things for you even though its not something they would be dying to do themselves...and the nutcracker is too cute!

Carrie said...

awwwwwwwwww! What a SWEETIE! He needs to give husband lessons in matters like these! ha ha!

Andy's Bethy said...

That is beyond amazing. I am so proud of Kevin. Not only taking you to the Nutcracker, but DOWNTOWN! And, dressing up too. I love the hat!
I love the nutcracker on horseback. So cute.
Just so you know, Canaan is really wanting a nutcracker of his own. But he wants one with legs that work. Is that even really a nutcracker anymore? We read "The Nutcracker" a few nights ago, and it is all he talks about. Have any old ones you don't like anymore?

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Oh HOORAY!! I'm so behind after all the holiday madness...but this warranted an oooh and aahhh for SURE!! GREAT JOB Kevin!! how wonderfully special Emilee!! Love it!!