Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I found out the lovely people at The Fat Quarter Shop were working a special deal with fabric lovers, like myself, and the wonderful jolly old elf yourself to be sure that our Christmas Wish List was delivered to you in a timely fashion in hopes that it would help with a wonderful Christmas morning full of exactly what we hoped for!
(Wow that is quite a run on sentence! Can you get put on the naughty list for grammatical errors? I will try working on that Santa, promise!)

I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to give you that extra note, full of my every desire. (Well, fabric desire that is!) I know you are busy and you already have a ton on your plate, so I have made this easy for you by including pictures, and a link to the lovely little Fat Quarter Shop where you could order any of these little wishes of mine with no problem! (And free shipping with orders over $50, just in case that helps push you in one direction or another when you are deciding what to get for me!!)

I am not sure how much extra time or effort you are wanting to put into my present this year, although I feel I have been good, I know I am probably also good at forgetting any of those moments throughout the year when I might not have been at my best!! Therefore I am giving you a couple of options, depending on how good you think I might have been!!

If you think I was alright, maybe not quite as good as last year, but pretty good, then I would really love to see a nice fat quarter bundle like one of these on Christmas morning:If you think I was equally as good as last year, not really any worse, but also not really any better then I would be ecstatic to discover one of these beautiful fat quarter bundles when I open my eyes on December 25th!!But, if you feel I really outdid myself this year. If you feel I was even better than I was last year, which if you remember correctly I was pretty good (and you showed me how pleased you were with some very lovely gifts I might add) then I would truly be overjoyed to have this lov-er-ly little bit of fabric heaven welcome me to a wonderful Christmas day!And just in case, although I know this is an unnecessary step, if you feel I have been naughty, and you really think that all I deserve is a lump of coal, could you please wrap it up with a little bit of this ribbon.
It would make the blow of being on the naughty list a bit easier for me to handle! (Also could you make sure my hubby has a happy Christmas, because I don't want him to be too mad at me when he see's how much I will be spending on fabric this next year!?!)

Thanks a bunch,
Emilee Hope

P.S. Hope you are getting plenty of rest as you prepare for your big is less than a week away now!! (Oops, you probably don't want any reminders! Go ahead and drink a nice cup of some cocoa and relax, I know you will do a wonderful job, as alwasy!)


Carrie said...

VERY cute post! I thought you had won the nativity giveaway till I read the whole thing :( I was hoping Bethany would get it!

Abigail said...

oh what have you done emilee! what have you done! who knows how much money and time i am now going to spend on that website! oh the fabrics are beautiful!!!