Monday, November 9, 2009

Attempting to conquer my fear of machine quilting!

I took a giant leap of faith (I sort-of forced myself to the edge so that it was the only thing I could do if I was going to keep my word, and I believe in keeping your word!!) and tried some machine quilting this weekend!

I didn't try anything crazy-just basic straight lines-or at least somewhat straight!!

I am pleased with the outcome so far, I was able to get a good amount accomplished (I also tried a new binding by doing it pillowcase style and sewing the backing to the front and batting before quilting. I think I really like this!!)

I finished one altogether and I cut out backing and batting for three more. One of them I did the binding process and it is ready to quilt, and I started quilting a second one. I hope to work on it more tonight! (The quilt needs to be mailed out ASAP-it is due for Craft Hope by the 15th I believe!!) Two of the other ones I worked on this weekend are for the Downy Quilts for Kids project and so that is why I had to learn how to machine quilt!! (They have to be machine quilted to hold up with all the washing they go through.)I am excited to learn more and get more comfortable with this process so that I can hopefully actually finish the 10 WIP's (or UFO's) that I signed up to try to finish before the end of the year!
The only issue is that I also have some other projects I need to start in the meantime!!
I will be keeping very busy!!

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Carrie said...

You are so talented! I still have a 3/4 finished quilt in my basement. Now that I have a machine I should get it out and try this way! :)