Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 down, 8 more to go

Yipee!! I finished my second WIP tonight!!

I love it!!

I think I am getting better with practice at this whole machine quilting thing and I am looking forward to getting confidant enough to try free motion quilting someday...
but let's not rush our selves here.
One step at a time!!

(As I start singing the "Psalty" song in my head, "One step at a time..." I am so greatful for my fabulous childhood-my family rocks!!)

The final product of Seeing Squares (#1) (I still haven't had an epiphany with a better name...I am still not really satisfied with "Seeing Squares," but I am just too busy to come up with another one!) which is being sent out tomorrow to Margaret's Hope Chest, the Craft Hope Project I signed up for.

Now I need to finish quilting the other Downy Quilts for Kids quilt so that I can get that mailed out and have a little bit of stress relief...that is until I realize that it is already November and I have a ton to do still before the end of the year, and my first quilt block swap is due by the end of January!!!


Andy's Bethy said...

Girl, you amaze me.
Canaan likes the one with the lizards. He thinks it looks easier, so wants to know if you can teach him how to do that first. The other ones look too hard still.
I am telling you - he insists that he really wants you to teach him how to sew.
Like Psalty said, one step at a time. Both for you, and for Canaan!

rebecs said...

Fun! your lines look great. you should totally try free motion quilting, you could do it!!