Monday, October 19, 2009

A pretty successful weekend

So my weekend flew by, as usual, but I feel like I was able to get a good amount of things checked off my to do list...or least that is what I thought until I looked at my to do list and realized I hardly made a dent in it! Oh well. That is just how it goes!! My to do list is always about 6 thousand times the size reality gives me time to complete!! I still have a good amount of pictures to post of what I was up to this weekend.

I wish I had my camera ready this morning (but I was already running late so I had to rush) because there was frost all over the ground and my car! (Ugh! I had to scrape my windows!!) Frost, in GA in OCTOBER!!! Who would have imagined that one!! I actually wore gloves and had my heat going on the way into work because it was in the low 30s!!! They say it is going to warm up as the week goes on, but still that was quite a fun winter surprise!! But, thankfully fall is still reigning here and it is hopefully going to warm up a bit, but not too much so that our leaves will start to change color and the full Autumn effect will take over and I will be one happy lady!! I LOVE all the beautiful colors that come along with the fall season!!

This weekend I also read about another project called "Quilts for Kids" that Downy is a sponsor for. They actually send you a kit with the fabric and you just provide the batting and the cutting/sewing part. You do have to actually machine quilt this one (because of all the washing they have to do since it is going to a hospital) so that will be a good challenge for me! So...I signed up for that as well!! (Looks like I will be spending a TON of time in my sewing room!! Good thing after I made a mess of it working this weekend I cleaned it up again!!)

For my weekend projects I got the dusting done and put out some Halloween decorations (and my wonderful hubby took over the vacuum duty for me...I sure do love him!!)
(I realized I didn't get any pictures of my outdoor decor which is so cute! I will try to remember to get that sometime this week...but lets face it, that is highly doubtful that this will actually happen, so just know I do have some cute outdoor decor as well!!)

I also wrote out the thank you notes to all our family in Germany for letting us stay with them while we were there. We had such an amazing time and feel so blessed to have such wonderful family!! (And after Kevin was looking over all the final bills he is EXTREMELY happy to have family in Europe, because it was expensive enough just getting there and getting around on the trains and paying for the B&B's in Italy. It will be awhile before Kevin agrees to a European vacation again!!)

In the sewing room I kept busy with washing, ironing, cutting and sewing a ton of fabric. I completed the towel projects I had found here. Some of the towels I made were for the "Boo Baskets" that our neighborhood does every year. Now I just need to get them delivered. (I wonder if I missed it because it looks like nearly everyone on the main street has a "Boo" sign already! Although, I haven't been boo'd yet so I guess there has got to be some others like me out there!! I think I will deliver one and then save the other for when I get boo'd!)I got the blocks sewn up for AmandaJean that I signed up to sew and send her way. I love them!! I think they turned out great, hope they work for her!! Now I just need to get by the post office...Why is it that projects checked off the to do list, are always added back on the to do list?! Made...check, now I have to add Mailed to the list!! The neverending story of to do lists!! Why do I love them so-they are like an ever present reminder of all that I can't accomplish!! Oh well!!
I pulled out all my Christmas fabric (and washed and ironed some) so I can get ready for this project.

I also designed two quilts with some fabric that I found in my stash.
First is this one: (which I got the basic cuts done on this one and the design written out and colored)
"I heart stars and stripes"(This isn't really that great of a sketch..o.k. it is horrible-but I think you can get the basic idea! The name comes from the fabric you see in this next picture-the hearts-it is very country and most likely from the 90's that I got from someone-but really cute too!!)
and then this one: (I only did the design and colored it-no cutting done yet)
"Seeing Squares"
(not really sure if that is that right name for this...any suggestions?)(The litte parts left white in the blue squares would be blue, I just needed to see the measurements!! The next picture shows the fabrics I designed this quilt around)
I am thinking about using one of these for the Craft Hope project. But, may go with the more simple pattern they had posted online. We will see!

I saw this project tutorial on this blog today and it sure looks like fun, but I might already be on overload here!! Therefore, I think this will have to go in the "want to do someday" pile...along with this project which I found on this blog today!! My dreamland dreams keep getting stacked higher and higher!! I really will be in the clouds if I ever get to complete all these wonderful projects!!


Carrie said...

I am so impressed with your design ability! Also with your stamina! It makes me so tired to read your blog, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

wow you were busy... looks great.. love mom

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

the towels turned out ADORABLE!! See that's the sort of thing that I could do and we could do year we should just get together and do a bunch for our boo's!!

oh and we had trouble finding someone too FYI...our street went surprise there...and was pretty much done by the time you got back in the country!!

Andy's Bethy said...

I don't know how I missed all these blogs - you have been a blogging maniac over the last week. I love to see all the crafts you are always working on. You make something in place of me, okay. I will never get around to it!
The boo baskets look adorable.