Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was out running earrands on my way home from work last Thursday evening when I decided to "run in" to Joann's Etc.

Not one of my smartest ideas!

They were having a huge sale and after around 2 hours (time I didn't have to spend there!!) I left with a large pile of fabric quarters & a big smile on my face thinking of all the fun projects I want to do with them!

Here is a closer look at what all I got.

(I actually got them all washed and ironed over my crazy busy weekend as well, so I am ready to dive in and try something fun with them...that is once I have finished all my other projects I have volunteered myself to do!)


Andy's Bethy said...

What fun color combos. Especially the blue and green, and the black and white. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
Glad you got some good deals. That always feels good.

Travis & Kelsey said...

Em, I had sooooo much fun hanging out with you and I am loving my purse! Love you!!!!