Sunday, October 25, 2009

My forever long Friday...and the rest of my very full weekend

After getting to bed fairly late on Thursday (Well, it was actually earlier than normal, just not early enough considering I had to work the early shift on Friday!) I was up at 5:45AM so I could get out the door and get to work early. I had to work the early shift on Friday because I needed to get off early so I could get everything set up for our neighborhood event which was to start at 7PM Friday night.

After a long day at work (in which I called and rescheduled our Neighborhood movie night because it was raining most of the day and calling for rain for all night!!) I got off around 4:30 and ran to Wal-mart so I could get some poster board to make a sign down at our commons area to let everyone know we had rescheduled the event to next weekend. I got to chat with one of my good friends while heading home and it turns out next Friday is going to be a long one as well, because I will need to work early again (since we are having the event then now, and then my friends birthday party is down in Atlanta Friday night-so after I get everything going I will leave the clean up in my dear neighbor's hands (Thanks Rachel you are a lifesaver!!) and run down to Atlanta to hang out with Mary C. for her 29th birthday celebration! (Which means it will be a late night!!)

Back to my long day...When I got home (and put up the sign) I found that I had a package at my front door! I got a package!! How exciting!! Oh dear...I know what it is and I didn't expect that to come so quickly!! I am going to be a bit overwhelmed this next week or two!! It was the fabric package from Quilts for Kids!

Since I was home before dark, and feeling like I could actually get something done, I decided to be Miss Suzy Homemaker, put one of my favorite aprons (which is made from an old 1981 fabric calendar) and bake some homemade Zuchinni Bread, (from my Grandma's recipe-which it says she got out of the Indianapolis Star in 1977) and clean the bathrooms!! I also started some laundry. (I had some more fabric I needed to wash and iron-will talk about in another post.)

This is just a shot of my cute shoes that I wore on Friday-I love these adorable flats-My sisters got them for me for my birthday one year-forever ago-when I had a "Dress for Less" birthday party!

Around 9, Kevin was home and hungry and I was ready for a break so we ate some dinner and watched Monk. (Too bad this is the last season, I think it is such a cute show!)
After our "dinner and a show" I got back to work in my sewing room and ironed, cut and sewed until after 4 AM!!! I was in the zone!! I got a ton accomplished!!

This is the quilt I designed last weekend-the "seeing squares" (still not in love with that name) I got all the cut peices sewn into blocks and put into a quilt top. (I actually cut and sewed enough blocks for two quilt tops but only got one of them sewn together-the other is still just the blocks.)
(Here is another one I started-I think this one may end up being the Craft Hope quilt-or to send along with the one for Quilts for Kids?)

Saturday morning I was up by 9 and after my devotional, some email checking and a quick breakfast I was in the shower and getting ready for another big day. I ran by the post office and got all my packages sent out. I got by Michaels and picked up my paintings I had custom framed. (I will have to get a picture of these later...maybe once I get them on the wall, they are the paintings I bought in January when I was in Brazil with mom.) I made a deposit, and headed into town to meet up with Kelsey for an afternoon of shopping!!! I was great just hanging out with Kels all afternoon, braving the crowds (Saturday mall traffic is REDICULOUS!!) and finding some great sales. I came away from the afternoon around $65 poorer, but it was worth it for all the fun I had, and all the great stuff I got!
(This is my new adorable wallet I got on sale!!)

Saturday night Kevin and I drove over to the Netherworld Haunted House and met up with some friends of our for a "scary" night of fun! I am not sure how those things still scare me when you know it is all fake, but it still gives me a good fright! We didn't get home until around midnight, so I was exhausted!

Today I was up again around 9ish and I was able to get some more sewing done today. I put together the quilt top for the Quilts for Kids project and also another one (I am not sure if it is big enough yet or not!)
Here is the one from Friday-quilt top finished-maybe-I might be adding another border.
Here is the finished quilt top for Quilts for Kids...from the kit they sent me.


Carrie said...

Wow, you did have a crazy busy weekend! I am so envious of your quilt making skills! What a blessing you are to others with your gift of quilting!

Andy's Bethy said...

I love my apron from 1979. I wear it more then any other. I am glad you wear yours too.
You are amazing in your sewing ability. They look fabulous.
I love your new wallet too. Very adorable. Glad you and Kels got to hang out. Wish I could come up and join you, for the weekend.