Thursday, October 22, 2009

I was Boo'd!! (and the pictures from my office "Welcome Home")

I hadn't had a chance yet to post these pictures from the "Welcome Home" that was waiting for me in my office when we got back from our vacation!
It was a nice little surprise and made me feel loved!!
This is our office birthday balloon that we just keep on recycling-so they taped a welcome back paper on it...and the recycling continues!! (My try-to-be-green heart is sooooo happy!!)

They couldn't find a welcome home banner-so they bought this happy birthday tape and posted on my door-with a paper that read: Happy Birthday=Welcome Back!

Looks like they invested in a new balloon as well-boy do I feel special!!

And I also got some beautiful flowers!! I am such a lucky gal!!

In other news: We got boo'd last night!! (I guess I need to get mine out now!!)

Some yummy candy, an adorable boo sign and bucket, some tea light candles, two cute Halloween lantern kits and a $10 blockbuster gift card-I think this must be a neighbor who knows me to a T!!


Carrie said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!! You ARE special!

Andy's Bethy said...

Your boo basket looks like fun. I did that a couple of times, but it has been several years - I should do it again, but hmmm, not happening this year I don't think.
I am glad they had a good welcome back for you at the office. I know the missed you there. You are a joy to have around.