Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Night

Mom and Dad

Kelsey, Emilee, Bethany & Mary Faith
(aka: Kels, me, Betsy & Mare Mare)

(Canaan and Zion decided to take me for a spin in their wagon!)

The entire family was in town this weekend so Mom put together a dinner and Welcome Home party for Andy on Sunday for the family. Dane & Ellen (Andy's parents) and Micki, Barbara & Larry (Kevin's parents and Grandma) were also able to come. It was nice to spend the evening visiting with everyone. We got some family pictures (but my camera was only used for some fun shots-not the full family photo-so that is what you get to see!!) and ended the night with a game of Quelf. Kevin and I had never played it before, and it was soooo much fun. What a crazy game!! Kevin won, so I am sure he won't mind playing again sometime! (Plus, I think he really enjoyed it-I don't think he would want to play it with someone he didn't really know very well, but with family it was a blast!!)
Playing Quelf-at this point mom is a scuba diver & Kevin can't use his hands-and yet he still wins!! Too bad I didn't have the camera out for Kelsey's air drums (with kitchen utencils) and all the hand holding going on for awhile-this really is a CRAZY game!!

I have been stressing for the past few weeks while I try to make a decision on what to do on our trip to Europe this Fall. Whenever a lot of money is involved I get stressed! I think we have finally decided on concentrating our time seeing family in Germany and then doing the whole "touristy" trip around Italy. Kev and I both would love to see Greece, but I just don't think that this would fit into the schedule this time. (Actually I REALLY want to see EVERYTHING, (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc. etc.) but I don't want to overwhelm our schedule-this is our vacation afterall-so I want to be able to relax!!) I am sure it will be wonderful whatever we decide! (I mean it is a trip to EUROPE-it will be awesome!!!)


Carrie said...

That game is SO fun! AND I LOVE the pictures of the sisters...as always, you are all so beautiful in your own individual and uniquely pretty ways! Bethany's combo of dress and jewelry and awesome hair were great that day!!!
I will so thrilled to read about your trip to Europe. I am terrified of flying, so anytime someone goes to Europe I just eat up their trip reports!

Andy's Bethy said...

Great pictures Emilee. That was a wonderful evening.
Mom was hilarious - really on a roll that night.
I will see you in just a few minutes, but wanted to leave a comment while I was thinking about it - put those pics on snapfish so I can get them, okay!

Kelsey and Travis said...

looking at this picture of us playing that crazy game brings SO much Joy to my heart. What a jun time. It is truly so wonderful to have the entire family together for a night of fun.