Wednesday, August 5, 2009

steaming, sewing, sunning and stressing

Busy little me finally found some time to sew last week and I have some pictures to show that it actually did happen!! (This is the quilt-a-long nine patch I startedFOREVER ago. I didn't do as many squares because I made mine a baby size quilt, but I love how it turned out! Now we will see if I ever get around to quilting it!!)Thursday night I borrowed a steamer from a co-worker and fixed the new curtains in our bedroom. I had purchased new brown curtains and some new curtain rods and set them up a couple weeks ago, but you aren't supossed to iron them, so I wasn't too pleased with all the fold lines in them! Thankfully, Deshei let me borrow her steamer and they look so much better, as you can see! (The quilt on my bed is from my dad's side of the family and I am trying to decide if I want to figure out a way to hang it as a "headboard" in our room since we don't have a king size headboard. I don't really know how to do that, but I am sure I could find a way online to safely get that hung that wouldn't harm the quilt and would let it be on display! It is so beautiful!)Saturday I got to meet little Landon Thomas Hughes...he is sooooo adorable!! I got to hold him and he was so good! I was up at the pool in my friend Amanda's neighborhood (because another friend of mine lives there as well and we had decided to work on getting a little color on our scary white skin!!) and so I did a horrible thing and called Amanda while I was there to see if we could stop rude, but I couldn't help it since I am hardly ever in the area and I was dying to see the new little addition to the Hughes family! Amanda is such a doll-of course she said we could stop by and interrupt there Saturday afternoon with an improptu visit! I love that adorable little family!!

Sunday I didn't really get ANYTHING done because I was distracted by the fact that mom called me around 10:45 to say the Betsy was at the ER! She had a seizure (grand mal) and so they kept her there what seemed like all day as we waited to hear what the Dr. said. (Turns out all they did for now was up her meds and tell her to see her Neurologist. The first appt. they had available was in two weeks, so ABC&Z are up here in N. GA again visiting with family since Andy is home from Afghanistan!!) I was strong for mom, but I couldn't get anything done all day, so I was more affected than I thought!! Having your big sister in the ER is VERY distracting!! I am so glad that she is up here and can't wait to see her...which reminds me...when am I going to see you B? What are you doing tonight?

My back has been hurting all week and I don't know if it is just a combination of all the sewing I did over the weekend, the stress from Betsy being in the ER and the hiking I did or what but I have had to even resort to taking some Tylenol two days in a row just so I could function! (I HATE taking drugs and ALWAYS try everything else first!!) Kevin has been such a dear and has given me a massage every night to help me try to sleep! I hope this isn't from the new bed because this is it, we already did our one trade in!!

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Travis & Kelsey said...

Em, I saw the coolest quilt at a little store in Blue Ridge on our way to go camping last weekend. It made me want to sew SO bad. We need to have a sewing date sometime. Love you! See you on Sunday at the mega family get together.