Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekend trip

Well, It has been a week again since I posted anything. I really do mean to post more often, it just doesn't seem to get done! It has been a very full seven days! I celebrated my friend Amy's 28th birthday on Friday night(sadly I don't have any pictures of that!), drove up to North Carolina with Kevin for a wedding on Saturday, did some fun driving around in the north Georgia mountains on the way home on Sunday and then I have stayed crazy busy with work and some sewing all week. (It is sewing for work, not fun, but the fabrics are great so it has still been fun to work on!)
I can't believe Friday is here already, but I am sooooo glad that it is! Especially since tomorrow is a very special day...July 4th!! I love this time of year!! (I think I may be a bit partial since I was born July 8th!) I love the fun that is in the air during this holiday, the sparklers (which I love so much we used at our wedding-they used them at the wedding this weekend too and I just loved it!!) the watermelon seed spitting contests, the yummy smells from the cookouts and all the red, white and blue everywhere!! I have a ton to say, but since I always ramble on I thought I would just post some pictures and let them do the talking about our fabulous weekend trip and my tribute to our wonderful holiday that I painted last night!
(Somehow I didn't end up with a picture of the bride and groom together, or a shot of the Cowan family-I really am horrible at this whole picture taking thing!!)(This has got to be THE most comfortable chair I have ever sat in (w/o cushions) I LOVED it, but we were in the corvette-so there was no chance I could take it home with me!)Tallulah Gorge-we will have to come back in the fall when the weather is not so hot and do some hiking here!(This was a really cool little covered bridge near Helen. Kevin saw a sign for it and we turned off the main road and found it! I love covered bridges-maybe it's because I am from Indiana and they even have a special festival every year celebrating all the neat old covered bridges! The new bridge that the road uses now was over a deep (or at least deeper) part of the creek and people were jumping off into the water, it looked like a blast-but I didn't have a swimsuit!)

And last, but not least, my patriotic toes that I painted last night!!


Carrie said...

WHAT A FUN WEEKEND! Love your toes! CUTE!

Andy's Bethy said...

Carrie is bringing me her patriotic nail polish tomorrow, so my toes can match yours. I am so excited!
I love the pics. I want to see them all - and I will agree with the hiking idea... when it cools off a little!