Friday, July 10, 2009

Karaoke...fireworks...and other news...

So the surprise that my mom was picking me up for lunch for on my birthday was actually a karaoke party with my office and family! It was a blast!!!
She picked me up (and blindfolded me) and took me the long way over to the karaoke place so that everyone from the office could get over there to surprise me!
My good friend Mary Cowan (who works down the road) got to come as well, and Kelli too! Even dad joined in the fun-to see a picture of him and my boss David singing you can view my sister's blog here. Travis, Kelsey's husband, didn't join in on the karaoke fun, but he did join us for lunch back at the office afterwards! Too bad Kevin couldn't get off work to come as well!!

In other news...

We had a fabulous 4th with our family & friends. We went down to the pool, had a cookout and Kevin even got to live out the good 'ol days with his best friend Tim while they shot off a million bottle rockets and did a little fireworks show for us. You can go here to see some more pictures of the day of fun & us watching the fireworks. Somehow we didn't end up with any pictures of the actual fireworks!! It was so much fun and I loved every minute of the entire day!
I also got my birthday present from my mother-in-law Barbara. She painted a picture of a photo Kevin took of some elephants on our trip to South Africa last year. I love it!!
She also made a birthday cake and I ate's my birthday so I was living on the wild side. (It had butter and cream cheese in it, but I just drank a ton of water and God blessed me because I didn't really do bad at all this week!! And don't worry I didn't even think about eating the blueberry and strawberry filled flag cake!)

It has been a very full week that is for sure! Over the weekend we bought a king size bed (and all the linens to go with a king size bed-but really I would love to make a beautiful quilt for the bed-but I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to take on a project that big!!) and on Monday we bought a fridge! (We did this so that Betsy could buy ours for cheap since they are renting right now and don't know how long they will be there.) Currently I have two refridgerators in my kitchen and all the pieces to my queen size bed stuffed in the office. The house is a crowded mess!! Someday I will have to get around to getting everything organized, but for now I will just have to live with it because we will be rushing home from work tonight to load up the fridge in the truck and drive down to South GA and help Betsy move everything into the new place. (As well as doing some more quick sewing for my neighbor!-Which I was up until almost 2:30AM on Sunday night finishing up sewing for her as well! A thousand thanks need to go to my dear husband who stayed up and helped me as well! I tend to take on too much-it reminded me of my college days when I would be writing a ten page paper through the night when it was due the next morning!)

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Andy's Bethy said...

You are so stinkin adorable!
The landlord is supposed to come work on the waterline sometime this week, and try to get the icemaker working. Thanks for bringing me a fridge!
I love you Emilee Hope.