Wednesday, July 22, 2009

another two weekends away from home...

"We are staying home this weekend...right!?!" says my hubby to me last night. "Yeah, as far as I know, Why do you ask?" I reply. "Because I am ready for a weekend at home!" says he. (Too bad it turns out he has to work all day on Sunday...good thing we weren't planning on going anywhere after all!!)

Now on to the reason(s) why he is ready to be at home...

We have been busy with....moving my sister to south GA, work, catching a late night viewing of Harry Potter 6!!, taking a long weekend to head to Gulf Shores and visit one of Kevin's high school friends (while catching some rays on the beach!), being sick with a cold, (boo!! I am on a full week with this cold...I am ready to sound like myself again instead of a mix between a prepubescent squeaking boy, nothing but silence or a whisper, and a deep blaring fog horn!!) got our new bed delivered (yes...a different bed, sleep number & I did not turn out to be good friends!!) and work, work, and more work!!!

Oh what fun!! I will be ready for a nice weekend at home as well...but it will be a busy one since Friday night and probably all day Sunday will be full for me with a wedding!!! (I just love weddings, and it has been awhile now since I got to do some wedding I am really excited about this weekend!!!)

That's it for now...just didn't want you to think I had fallen of the edge of the world or something!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

You were sounding much better tonight... hope your voice is back to normal by tomorrow night for the rehearsal dinner!
How is the new bed? I hope you are getting along with it better then the sleep number.