Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh happy day...It's like Christmas in May!!

Betsy, Kelsey and I (Wish you could have been there Mare-Mare!!

I really didn't mean for my title to be so rhyme-y...but I am just soooo happy right now! My sister Kelsey and her husband are home from Uganda. We don't know how long they will get to stay here, but I am just glad to have them as long as we can!! They flew in yesterday, so I am fairly certain that all my free time will be spent hanging out with her!!! I love my sisters!!! (Now I am super excited about next weekend because Mary is flying in and we will all be together!!! Yeah!!)

Here are some pictures from Chick-fil-A where we stopped on the way home from the airport. This was a top priority stop for Kelsey now that she was back in the USA!

Caught Betsy with her mouth full!!

Noni with Zi
Me and Kels

Betsy looked so cute in her new outfit so we had to get one of her and the boys!

In other news.....
I joined a quilt-a-long online. I haven't done this before and I am fairly new to the world of quilting/crafting/etc. online and love looking at other people's beautiful quilts, clothes, bags, all sorts of fun things that they make. There is so much amazing talent out there!! I feel like a bit of a loser looking at how much other people can get done, but everyone at their own pace right! I started late, but here are a few pictures of the blocks I put together the other night trying to catch up! (These are actually only 2" squares, instead of the 2 1/2" squares, because that is what I had a bunch of already cut. These are all scraps from baby quilts I have made over the years. I may end up making two small quilts instead of one large one...we'll see. I love to piece, but getting around to quilting it always takes forever and the bigger the quilt the more daunting the idea of quilting it is!!)


Carrie said...

aw so glad to see some pics of the big reunion! I am so happy for you girls! What a Happy Day indeed!

Mandi said...

Ahhh, sisters are truly wonderful! Have fun being all together again!

Andy's Bethy said...

I am so glad you came to meet us at CFA, but.... I may have to kill you for posting that picture of me!!
I will see you again soon I am sure. In the meantime, have fun piecing, or quilting, or working on something cool! (I recognize some of that fabric - my babies quilts have had it!)

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

how nice to have your sister here and all soon be together. What a blessing.
wow we need to get together (just trying to see how many times one of us says it yet we never do..boohoo) I took one quilting class years ago and hated piecing and loved quilting..ha ha!!

GloJoeSews said...

So nice to see your 9patchblocks! I just decided to click on the links of the quilters on amandajeans site to see how things were going--you've done ALOT!!! You've inspired me! I plan to post mine this weekend. I'm new to all this, too! This is really cool!