Monday, May 4, 2009

Here are the pictures from yesterday as promised...

Betsy and Canaan at the entrance
Had to get a shot of the Elephant banner
We had to stop at pretty much everyone of these to get a picture!
Canaan wanted a picture with the cool frog statue in the background (which you can hardly see in this shot!)
Adorable Zi!!!
One of the acrobats (we actually missed this show because we watched the pirate show and the boys were tired of sitting still at this point so it was on to something else!)
I told you we took pictures at pretty much all of these!
Zion and Canaan with the Mayor
My cool gypsy sash!
An amazing bell show we watched
I think Canaan was trying to explain how it worked to me!
One of Kevin's cool swords/knife sets
My toe ring!
The gun and sword that Kevin got! (not pictured is the whip that he got at the pirate ship giveaway-not really sure what we need that for!! Mom got one also-don't want to know what she needs that for!!)
One more of these shots!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

You got some fabulous shots! Thanks for inviting us - that was SO much fun. Maybe you can snapfish the whole album to me?
Don't worry - I already took the whip away. I do have to live here for the next four months after all!
Good times!