Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

By the time I get this posted Mothers Day Sunday will be over and it will be time for another work week, but for now I want to think about the fun weekend we had. We truly filled this weekend up to the brim! Someday, Lord willing one year not too far away, I will be able to celebrate this day as a mother, but until then I enjoy being a greatful and appreciative daughter, grandaughter, daughter-in-law, sister, etc. I have really been blessed with some amazing mothers in my life!

Friday was a block party in our neighborhood and after the cookout and hanging out with a good bunch of neighbors (I love our neighborhood! Although I am not always happy with our house, I am truely grateful for our amazing group of neighbors!) Kev and I ended up staying out until around 2AM chatting with Rachel B. I think I am still trying to recover from that late night. I want to be a night owl, but let's face reality...I need my sleep! I am not one of those people that can survive pleasently on just a few hours of sleep each night. I really like to have 8, but normally end up with around 5-6, less than that and I am pretty much worthless the next day!

Saturday Kev worked on projects around the house (including working on a new sewing table for me-we need to make another Home Depot run before that will be complete, but I am excited about that!) and mowed the lawn-he said it was a slavor-filled day but I just say it was a great day for checking off things on the honey-do list! He got to use one of his new toys (saw) and all we need is some of the right nails and my quarter-round will be laid and the kitchen floors complete! (We'll keep our fingers crossed that it will happen sometime this week!) I did some sewing, painting of the quarterround, and some redecorating in my kitchen. (I just pulled out all the americana decor-I just need a little change. I really would love to repaint and do a backsplash, but one thing at a time! We have too many other projects going on right now!)
Today we got up and met Mom, Dad, Betsy and the boys at the Atlanta Zoo for a Mother's Day get together. I forgot to take my camera into the zoo, but Betsy had her's and she got some pictures that I am sure she has already posted. She is so good at keeping her blog updated! We ate a late lunch/early dinner at Sweet Tomatos and then Kev and I went over to his Grandma Micki's for a Mother's Day family get together there. I ended up with a headache and slept most of the time, but Kev got to have a good visit with his family. It is so nice that everyone lives so close!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Those are some great pictures of you and Mom. You two are so adorable. I am so glad I get to claim you as mine!