Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Funny story!

My mom told me a funny story and I have to post it on here because I think it is hilarious!!

Mom said they discovered they have a little uninvited house guest right now. She discovered a hole chewed in the kitchen trash bag and some little droppings from this "squatter" and was talking about it with Canaan (my almost 6 year old nephew) who exclaimed that he and Papa (my dad) would need their swords! Mom didn't think much about it at this point, just thought it was cute that Canaan wanted to protect them, and was more distracted by the fact that they had a mouse in the house! Later when she was talking to my dad about this discovery she found out why Canaan said what he did. Apparently, there had been an uninvited house guest before and Dad and Canaan had used their play swords to take care of the situation. (Because that is what they had on them!) Canaan used his sword to make the mouse head in Dad's direction and dad promptly & repeatedly whacked the mouse with his sword when it got to him and that took care of the situation. I was nearly rolling with laughter as mom told me this story because I could just see my dad (skinny computer guy) and little nephew (who is a very sensitive and sweet little boy) going at it with this mouse and conquering!!! What a funny story!!

Oh, and I feel I must say, so that there is no disappointment, I am NOT pregnant. Although that is the ULTIMATE adventure that I REALLY want to take on-parenthood-that is not one of the big adventures that are currently in the works for this year. But, no more hints-that is all I will say at the moment.


Carrie said...

I am very intrigued about your adventures and I am impressed with what a great servant of you community you are! I can't imagine making that many cupcakes! ack! I about went crazy making a couple dozen this week :)

Carrie said...

okay, so I have no idea why that comment posted on this blog...weird, it wasn't even up when I was on here earlier.
The mouse story is AWESOME!!!! I can NOT imagine that! ha ha!

Andy's Bethy said...

It is so very funny to hear Canaan talk about his sword, and papaw's sword, and how they are going to get that mouse. He is so confident.
I guess he thinks that is how you always kill mice....

Anonymous said...

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