Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and other events of my weekend

My weekend was mainly consumed with our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg Hunt. I am the Chair of our Social Committee (Which translates to the sucker who gets to do all the work-but the reality is I like it when an event is successful because I get a feeling of accomplishment and love that I helped bring a smile to someone's face!) so Friday I got off of work early to finish up with the prep work for our event. I did a final run to Walmart for some drinks, ice, chips and more candy and then baked & frosted 95 cupcakes (well, I baked 96, but lost one to the floor when I was transfering from the pans to cool) my small kitchen was a cupcake land!! I also stuffed 500 eggs with candy. (I had already bought all the ingredients for the cupcakes and the plastic eggs, candy, etc. on an earlier Walmart run.) Luckily I have a wonderful husband who put off his movie plans (had to see the new Fast & Furious) so I could stay home and get all the egg stuffing and cupcake frosting done while watching t.v. (until after 1AM!) I did have fun seeing them all laid out all over my coffee table frosted and all Easter/Spring-like looking! (Oh yeah, also had to get reminder signs up because I had forgotten to get them earlier in the week-but it had rained all week anyhow and would have just been ruined!-Luckily I got the code to the pool this time, when I went to check on what supplies we had Kevin had to help me jump the fence and I think I nearly saw my life flash before my eyes because I thought I was going to fall flat on my face at one point!!)
Saturday Kevin helped me get everything set up and all the eggs hidden, which there really aren't many hiding places so they were really just thrown all over the commons area! I got a few minutes to talk to Kelsey on Skype (I LOVE SKYPE!!!) and then watched the adorable neighborhood kids have the Easter Egg Hunt. We had an alright turn-out. Not as many as last year, but I did meet a new neighbor and her two cute little girls and got a few pictures for our neighborhood website of the event, so overall I would say it was successful! After cleaning up I took a nap and then Kev & I went to the movies. Although we have surround sound and it is basically like a theater in our own house, going out to the movies is still always fun! (Which reminds me-we had mom & dad over on Thursday night for their 32nd anniversary to watch Slumdog Millionaire and loved it! I love movies about India. I miss it so much sometimes. I can't remember if I wrote this before or not, but the funniest things remind me of India-like when I cleaned out our vaccuum filter last weekend and dust was EVERYWHERE and when I blew my nose it was black and I missed India!!)
Sunday I put together the quilt back and sadly it is too small so now I am goint to have to try to come up with a way to extend it so that it can still work for a quilt back!! Now it is Monday and back to the swing of the work-week schedule! Several big plans were started over the weekend (or set into motion-they had already been started) nothing is set in stone yet, will elaborate more when I know more, but let me just say I am going to be REALLY BUSY with a new adventure and hopefully have an experience of a lifetime with a completely different adventure all this year! (Lord willing all will go well, just pray for wisdom, patience and endurance!!)


Mandi said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! Are there any left? You sound like you've been very busy! I can't wait to hear about the new adventure that awaits you.

Kelsey and Travis said...

That's the back? I can't imagine how pretty the front must be. That looks like fun. What is it for? What its the ADVENTURE you are talking about. I think that you need to elaborate NOW.

Andy's Bethy said...

Those cupcakes ARE delicious... just so you know.
Can't wait to see you. We definitely need to play more, while I am close by. Love ya!