Wednesday, April 1, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

So I kept busy over the weekend and actually did get around to cleaning the house (just the basics, I will have to do the deep Spring cleaning this weekend) and got some sewing done. I finished a quilt top I started ages ago with some Debbie Mumm fabric Patty Brown gave me forever ago, (I was dying for some sewing after spending so much time crocheting lately-I love to crochet, but I was missing my sewing!!) and after reading about an "easy" pattern (LOVE the fabrics-I could really do some damage to my credit with all the lovely fabrics I have found online recently-luckily I am very much a Binkley and I haven't spent a cent!!) on a wonderful sewing blog I found recently I decided I would use that for the back. Why oh why do I LOVE to make everything more difficult then it has to be?!? It is an easy pattern, but why did I feel compelled to do a pattern on the back-I have always done a simple plain backing, maybe use a fun fabric, but always plain quick and easy! So, I have been working on it in my spare time since this weekend and I only have the first few steps done. I cut the strips, sewed them together, cut the sewed strips into squares, and laid it all out on the floor to be sure there was enough (still keeping my fingers crossed on that one, once the squares are all sewn together we will see if it will work!!) I actually had enough fabric that I could have just made ONE seam and been fine. Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end right?

A picture of the the pieced together quilt top (I haven't decided on a name yet)

A close up of one of the sunflower sqares

A picture of all the squares for my backing laid out on the office floor waiting to be put together (which I should have done tonight but decided to write on here instead!)

Also, big news...I went to the gym tonight!! It's a miracle!!! I cannot remember the last time I went! I have become a lazy bum, but my buddha belly is not doing me any good, so it was to the gym for me and it was great! (Exhusting, but great!)

O.K. so on to the reason why I had to write a post tonight. (and the inspiration for my post title) I was shopping at one of my favorite stores (surprisingly not Super Target, although that is a fav as well) and saw a book that made me stop dead in my tracks. This book immediately made me think of my older sister.

First: It's a book, if you know my sister at all you know she LOVES books and is THE fastest reader I know. -If you have any doubts just read her latest post!-That girl is crazy!!-

Second: the first part of it's title read Pride and Prejudice...(all of us Binkley girls are in love with all things Jane Austen.)

Third: This is where you kinda want to throw up because it is sooooo wrong, but it still made me think of my sister because it is another one of her favorite things! The rest of the title is as follows (I am not making this up) ...and ZOMBIES!!!!

What? Why? Who? Why did this book get written, and once it was written who thought it would be a good idea to publish it!?!?! This is all going through my mind as I stare at the horrible front cover. Finally I realize I HAVE to pick it up and see what this is all about. I almost grabbed it and ran to the counter to purchase it. I mean it is April Fools day, and I do love a good gag gift, (I even had a 25% off coupon with me) but I just couldn't do it! (BTW, if you are reading this Betsy and you would like it, let me know by tomorrow because that is when my coupon expires!) So I quickly exited the building before I grabbed it again. I mean, this is horrible, right? I was driving home I wondered if I made the right decision when I left the building without it. Why am I drawn to something this wrong!?! Why do I kinda want to read it myself? What is wrong with me?!??!


Mandi said...

You crack me up! What a strange book title.

Also, I don't know if you've bought yarn yet, but I wanted to let you know that I'm now looking at a bedset for the baby that includes A LOT of color choices. Here's a link to the bedding: Hopefully this helps!

Have a great Thursday!

N said...

Hey! That is such a funny story...I am now intrigued about that book. Bethany will probably have to get it now just to see what it is about.
Also, I LOVE the quilt! It is so beautiful!

Carrie said...

Hey, I just did this on Bethany's blog too...sorry, long story but Katie and Noah wanted their own email to email their friends and I was helping him and forgot I was signed in on his name, so that comment is from me, not Noah! ha!

Andy's Bethy said...

Um - I may have to have that book!! That looks hilarious, and disgusting, and perfect, all in one. Library, here I come...
Thanks for sending over the movie tonight. I can't WAIT to watch it.
The quilt looks fabulous - you impress me daily. What a wonder you are girly!