Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun with family! (Part 2)

Thanksgiving Day!

So I started (and nearly completed) this post last week, then the internet cut off and I lost everything, so I was too sad to do it all over again! I was being all creative and putting in pictures and everything, so I hope I can get at least somewhat close to it!!

Thursday was a wonderful day! We were able to spend time with all of our family and it truly was a family-filled day. Kevin and I drove up to my parents separately so that I could spend the night (to go to the midnight shopping up at the outlets with Betsy) and so that I could get started on the rolls to be sure they were ready in time for lunch. (I had put the dough together on Wednesday night, but then you have to knead the dough, roll & cut it out and let it rise for about in hour in a buttered pan before you bake them. They are sooooo delicious!!) However, when I arrived at mom & dad's I realized I had brought everything I needed EXCEPT the dough (which was still in my fridge at home!!) So I called Kevin in a panic and luckily he hadn't left yet so he grabbed them on the way out, but then he didn't get to mom & dad's until we were sitting down to eat, so we had the rolls as an after dinner snack before dessert. Sorry everybody!!

Before we ate, we also got to talk to Kelsey on Skype for a little while so that was wonderful, it was a little weird not having her there, but since we had Kelli & Andy's (Betsy's husband) parents, brother and Grandma there it was still a nice full table and was great! (12 at the main table, and Canaan & Zion at their little table-one that we girls played at growing up!) After eating (which I actually had made some chicken and carrots that I brought with, and mom had made me a plain sweet potato and made sure the green beans were plain-sorry again everyone, you had to eat plain green beans because of me-but is was really cool to actually sit at the table with everyone and EAT!!!) After dinner we played dominoes and visited and went for a walk, or usual Thanksgiving day routine.

On Thanksgiving evening Kevin and I went over to his mom's for dessert. We took both cars down and I ended up just heading home after our visit that night since I had to work the early shift on Friday, I decided I would be crazy to stay up for the midnight sale! We had a great visit with Barb, Larry and Micki and learned how to play Canasta (which we had learned as Hand & Foot several years ago, but then had forgotten how to play!) So that was a blast to re-learn a game. We love card games in our family! In fact I love cards so much I pick up a deck everytime we travel somewhere new, as does my family, so I have 30 decks of cards or more I am sure in our game closet!! Now we will just have to be sure we don't forget how to play it this time!!!

Friday after work (which mom & I went shopping at lunch and got off early since it was so slow!) we did some more shopping and then had the whole family (Binkley side) over for dinner and a movie at our house. (We watch Kung Fu Panda since the nephews were there, it was so adorable, Kevin and I had watched it already when we first got it, but I didn't mind watching it again, I love Disney movies!!)

Saturday we did more shopping and visiting with the family at Town Center Mall. Kevin got my Christmas present at the jewelry store going out of business!! (I love nice jewelry, which you wouldn't guess looking at me on a regular basis, because I hardly ever where jewelry, but I really do love it, I keep thinking someday I will grow up and start caring and actually put on makeup and jewelry in the morning, but it still hasn't happened. I did finally start caring about my hair a few years ago, but I still don't fix it every day, but nearly every day so I am pretty proud of that!)

Sunday I did some sewing for my sister (I would say what I made, but I don't want to ruin it for Kelsey) I also had to take some knitting into work on Monday so I could finish it in time to put in the box mom was sending out on Tuesday, so I apologized in advance to David (my boss) and knitted away as I answered phones on Monday!


andysbethy said...

Emilee, your blog looks really nice today, with the pictures laid out all neat. I like having them different sizes. It makes it all artistic!
Stop stressing about the rolls. They were still delicious, even as an after dinner snack. They went well with dessert, actually!

Daniel & Heidi Hicks said...

Love the pics Emilee!!! Glad you posted some. Your Thanksgiving sounded like lots of fun! It's my all time favorite time of the year! I used to always go shopping the day after too, but didn't this year!
Can you please send me your home address... I'm trying to get our Christmas card out!