Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy busy times

I can't believe how fast the time is going by lately! I don't really even know what we have been doing, but we have been busy. I guess it is just like that this time of year! Monday night Kev & I watch the people version of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and played Canasta (Note: don't really like it with only two people, playing with four is much better!!) Then I actually took the day off work yesterday (Tuesday) so that we (Mom & I) could make Christmas cookies! As we were chatting on Monday we realized that we didn't have time to make Christmas cookies before Christmas unless we did it now!! I was needing to get off work early anyhow because the last of Kevin's work Christmas parties was last night (at 6PM in Stone Mountain) and mom doesn't work on Tuesdays so it seemed like a perfect time to do it. I asked the boss and was able to get off so that was perfect-I think the fact that one of the main reasons we make cookies every Christmas is as our present to everyone at work helped!! (It was also due to fact that we have been really slow lately, and this is normally our busy season, we are feeling the effects of the economic squeeze that's for sure!)
Mom came over around 10:30 or so (she has a water aerobics class in the mornings on Tuesdays in Cartersville, so she came on over to my house after her class) and we baked all day. It was such a blast. I don't bake often, so we really enjoyed ourselves. We decided not to do the Christmas Sugar cookies (We will try to fit those and Grandpa's Peanut Butter Logs in the week of Christmas, which means, we might be doing them on Christmas, but that would be fine with me, our plan for Christmas day is really different this year anyhow!) and instead did all our other favorites and some spice cake as well.
After a full day of baking and visiting with mom she helped me get ready for the Christmas party. I decided to wear makeup and everything, Kevin and I don't go out often, so I had fun dressing up-then changing because Kevin said it was a casual event-and fixing my hair and putting on makeup. I don't think you ever out-grow the fun of playing dress up!! (Or at least I haven't!!)
Oh yeah, side note: A sprinkler pipe busted on Saturday at work and flooded half the office-my office included-so we have been playing rotating desks and trying to get work done in half the office while the other half is in upheaval. Furniture is everywhere, the carpet is pulled up and until this morning there were tons of these loud dehumidifiers going trying to dry everything out! It's a mess and really hot. (It kinda feels like a sauna in my office, so I don't spend much time in here if possible!!)
Well, try not to get too stressed out when I say this but, Christmas Eve is ONE WEEK AWAY!!! Enjoy yourself and I hope you all get to spend plenty of time doing what you love, with the people you love this holiday season!!


andysbethy said...

I haven't talked to Dad today... still nothing new in the office/flooding/craziness?
Sounds like you and Mom had some fun with cookies. Although, poor mom had to go and make cookies all day today too! She had to try to compete with me, and my two days in a row of cookie making!
You need to post some pictures of your creations.
We will need to play cards on Christmas, since we will have a nice big group of people at your house then. I haven't played Canaste in years, so let's plan for that, okay!

Mandi said...

A day of baking sounds like fun! Friday is my last day of work until next year, so I'm planning on spending Monday, Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday in the kitchen baking! Woohoo!

I'm glad you enjoy the Christmas season as much as I do! Enjoy the rest of your week!