Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun with family! (Part 1)

I haven't written in forever so it will most likely take me a couple posts to catch up. Here are some pictures from our time shopping on the evening before Thanksgiving. Mare, Kelli, Mom, Betsy & the boys and I all went out (I met them after I got off work) and had a blast. I love shopping (by the way-I was so proud of myself in my last post for saying no to DVD's, but over the Holiday weekend I ended up buying a ton of movies because there are always great sells and so that whole idea of being good and having my addiction under control went out the water!!) After the fun shopping I put the roll dough together and watched some t.v. with Kev before heading to bed, so it was a pretty late night, but a wonderful day!!
I am horrible at getting these pictures to post on here how I want, so I will try, but who knows if it will work right! (As you can see, Mary was the one with a camera that evening!)

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andysbethy said...

That was a fun night of shopping - and playing on mall "rides" - obviously. I did way too much shopping on that visit home, but I think I managed to stay within budget... I haven't actually added up all the receipts yet, so we'll have to wait and see!
I will have to come to your house and borrow some DVD's, since you have enough for all of us!