Thursday, October 16, 2008

Round Two!

Well, really this is the 4th try at the IUI approach, because this is the third cycle with the specialist and this is the second IUI for this cycle, but we will say round two...ding ding!! And the match starts a second round, who will win, my anti-pregnancy body, or all the drugs and prayers trying to make it change it's mind!!

I woke up early and jumped into the shower and got ready to go as fast as I could. I was on a mission to get to the Dr. office within one hour of getting Kevin's "sample." I ended up literally running out of the door at approximately 6:48AM (seconds after sample retrieval). The office opens at 8, but she said they will have people in the office as early as 7:30 so it should be fine to get there a little early. (They wanted me there at 8, but I said if I left my house at 7, I wouldn't get there until 8:15 or so because that is just a horrible time for traffic. So the extra 12 minutes earlier in the morning was exactly what was needed-or maybe it was because I spent pretty much the entire trip praying that I could get through traffic fine and get there in time!!) So at just after 7:30 I was in the office looking for someone to hopefully be there so that I could get it turned in to the lab in time!! (After carefully carrying the cup through the parking lot and up the elevator next to my body-I had driven with it between my legs because it is supposed to stay as close to body temperature as possible, not too hot, not too cold. There wasn't much there and I was so worried I was going to mess it up somehow and we wouldn't be able to use it and my chances of getting pregnant would go down!!) I called back and thank the Lord a lady in a lab coat answered and said she could take it!! So I made it with 5 minutes to spare! (It was 7:43 by the time the lab actually got the sample!) When I asked about the sample size she said it isn't quantity but quality that matters. A single drop could have a billion and a whole jar could have none, so it all depends on the quality of the sample!
(Side note: Kevin and I were talking about the whole sample retrieval thing last night and he was so cute because he said it is so embarrassing when he is in the office, especially as he is leaving because everyone in the office and waiting room knows why he is there. He said it is like a walk of shame or something and he feels like everyone is staring at him!! I try to tell him that every other guy there has had to do the same thing, and all the women are going through it with their husbands, so they wouldn't be looking at him funny and it shouldn't be a big deal, but he said it doesn't make him feel any better. I love my guy-he acts so tough, but is really such a sensative guy!)

So after I turned that in and felt a huge relief that I had made it in time I had to wait for the receptionist to get in so that I could check out. I wasn't due into the office for my IUI until 10AM. However, due to where the office is located in Woodstock, trying to get to work and back again would have been pointless at this time of the morning due to traffic. I would have pretty much needed to turn around and come back to the Dr. office in 15-30 minutes after getting to work! So instead I just stayed in the Dr. office waiting room for 2 hours and read, knitted & waited for my turn. They ended up calling me in about 10-15 minutes early and at 9:54AM I got around another 90 million little guys to join the 95 million from yesterday on the quest to fertilize me!!!

Dr. Carpenter did the IUI this time, she has been the Dr. I have seen the most often for the ultra sounds, especially this cycle, but Dr. Hasty was the one that had done my first two IUI's and Dr. Toner did the one yesterday so this is the first one that Dr. Carpenter did. It is funny how it is the same thing, but they all do it a little differently, everyone has there own way of doing things-even though it is the exact same thing! She is so sweet and was like, "Emilee, you've got about 185 million in there, surely this is going to work this time!!"

At one point this morning, after I got to work, the office prayed over me because David had said they wanted to yesterday and I wasn't going to turn any prayers down!! Pretty much everyone I know is praying. Please, Please, God, let this work!! Whatever happens, I know it will be God's will, because I have so many people praying for me right now!! (I don't want to think about not getting pregnant, but I have to prepare myself so I don't lose it if it does turn out that way!) So, again, please keep the prayers coming, these next two weeks will be really unbareable if I don't have lots of help!!

I start the progesterone on Saturday night and go in to the Dr. office again on Wednesday 10/29 to see what happened!! Hopefully I don't go crazy before then!!


mom0ktdid said...

Boy am I getting an education reading your blog! Very interesting...and I am so excited for you too!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

praying praying praying!!

andysbethy said...

Keep thinking positive sis. And remember what you KNOW. HE is in control. We will all continue to ask ask ask ask for what we want. I have no doubt that He loves to give us what we want as often as possible!!! Not only Canaan, but even Zion said a prayer for you to "make a baby" tonight. We love you!

Abigail said...

praying still.

one word on the wicked book. it's very different than the play. i love the play. i couldn't get through the book though, it was much more dark and sensual - i tried twice to get through it and couldn't.

it's the play amazing though??? it's coming here next year, i'm so excited, i'm saving up to see it live for the first time!

Daniel & Heidi Hicks said...

We are praying for you guys and for this to work this round 2!!