Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One down, one to go & what a great show!!

So we did the first IUI for this cycle this morning!!!! (Kevin turned in a good performance at 95 million this time-so a little down from last month (101 million), but since they say they only need 5 million to do the job, we have numbers on our side!!) I go in again tomorrow morning and do it all over again, and then hope and pray for the next two weeks that they worked!!! When I am doing the IUI I have to give Kevin's SSN-so that they make sure everything is going to the right place I guess- and I always forget it so I had to call & ask him. As he told me over the phone, I told the nurse. After he gave me the number (I don't know why I can't ever remember it, I used to be good at Memory as a child, but I have a horrible memory now!!) he said "Be sure you got it right, I don't want an Earl Jr.!" Too funny!! When the nurse came back with the Dr. and the catheter she showed me the cover where Kevin's name and social were clearly displayed so that I could rest assured that we had the right one. The Dr. looked at us funny so I explained it to him (I thought I had seen everyone that worked there already, but this Dr. was another new face for me!) and he chuckled but was serious about the fact that they would NOT be an open practice anymore if anything like that happened, so no worries!!

Now for yesterday evenings happenings....
Mom met me at work and we left around 4:30 because I had to stop at Harry's to pick up something to eat, and we wanted to get down into Atlanta early so that if we had any trouble with parking it wouldn't make us late, and we didn't want to have to sit in the worst part of Atlanta traffic for forever if we didn't have too!! We got down to the parking deck (which I had accidentally reserved & bought along with our tickets when I bought them online) at about 5:45. The show didn't start until 8 so that gave us plenty of time to walk around and find something to eat for mom. We threw everything we would need for the night into mom's purse and set off! We decided to just stop at the sandwich store right next to the parking deck, so that mom could eat on the cheap and we sat outside and enjoyed watching the downtown Atlanta people traffic. It made me think about my dreams of living in a big city. I am really more of a country girl, but I always thought it would be really fun to live downtown in a big city for just a couple of years. I think it would be fun to be able to walk to everything!! But, I guess I should have pursued that dream before I got married, because Kevin is a suburb kinda guy!! I ended up taking my shot in the bathroom at the restaurant since I needed to take it between 6-8 and it was right after 6 by this time. That was fun! I kinda felt like a drug addict or something though, since I have to use a needle to take one solution from a vial and mix it with another and then change to another needle and take the shot, along with the alcohol pads and drugs I take with dinner we had a drugstore in mom's purse!! It didn't hurt too bad, it did bleed a little bit, but since I was in a public restroom in downtown Atlanta, I was pretty proud of how smoothly it went!! (My stomach is really red and painful and itchy where I took my shot last night!! I have had an allergic reaction to something in the solution-it happened last month also-joy!) Hopefully it doesn't last so long this time, but at least I know I got the meds, since I bled a little when I took the shot!)
After dinner & the bathroom shot experience we walked on over to the Fox and were really early (they weren't even letting people into the theater yet!!) so we just visited and got some pictures. (I don't have the cord to upload them, but will try to get that done tonight.) When we did get in, we were of course pretty high in the upper section, but not all the way at the top. The seats were great overall, we had a great view of the entire stage, but we were to far away to see any faces. It was a pretty full house, and I know why. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! We loved it!! I would recommend it to anyone! Everyone did a fantastic job and sounded wonderful!! The set was amazing! The props and costumes were wonderful! The actors were magnificent! It was really a great show!! Now I really want to read the book. I bought it the other day but hadn't had a chance to get around to it yet. It is going to be bumped up to the top of the pile for sure! I knew some things about the show, but not the exact details, so I was really excited to see how it all turned out! It was a late night though, we didn't get home until around 12:30AM!! So I am a bit tired today, but it was a great date night with mom!!


mom0ktdid said...

The Earl, Jr. comment is awesome!
I am not sure about reading the book...Corey didn't like it at all which is why he wasn't at all intersted in seeing the show, but he is a guy, so who knows?

andysbethy said...

I really want to see the show too. I guess I am a little jealous!
I know what you mean about living downtown. I think it would be a fun experience. I wouldn't want to do it long term, but for a short while, it would be fun. Being able to walk everywhere, watching people go by, all the noise and interesting crowds. It would be an adventure.
I guess we both missed our chance for that, huh? Too late now! Maybe when we are old and gray, and our kids are all grown? We'll just have to wait and see I guess!