Monday, October 20, 2008

Has is really only been a few days? (ramblings of what I have been up to since my IUI's)

It seems like my IUI's were forever ago. I guess it has just been a busy few days!!
Thursday night we had Chad & Lisa over for dinner while we watched the Florida State game. (Well, Lisa & I really just talked!) I love just hanging out! I can really be a homebody!! Going out is fun, but there is something so wonderful about the comfort of home!!
Friday it was rainy so it was slow all day at work, which made the day drag on, but Friday night it was girls night out! There was a shower for one of my neighbors (Joy-who is due next month-her third-Madison) at Melting Pot in Kennesaw. Even though I couldn't eat anything it was a ton of fun visiting with some of my great neighbors. I think I would really like to live out in the country, but if you have to live in a neighborhood, ours is a pretty great one to live in. We are pretty close, especially considering the fact that I am hardly ever home, yet I totally feel close to these great women when I am able to see them & visit with them!

It was a late night and then I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and just spent the day trying to continue on my clean up, clear out and organize mode that I am in. Sometimes I feel like my house will never really be organized, but I am trying!! I don't understand why they build houses with so little storage space these days, especially since our generation is notorious for always buying more stuff!!! Saturday night we went down to the cookout our neighbors were doing in the commons area of our neighborhood. It was a fun visit, but I couldn't stay for long because I was FREEZING! It really got cold!! I love the cool weather of the Fall!! We watched SNL so that we could catch Gov. Palin, I heard this morning it was the best viewing numbers for SNL for 14 years!! Go Palin!!
Sunday Kevin and I went shopping at Town Center Mall. I really enjoyed shopping and hanging out with my hubby, we don't go shopping together that often (because I am a bargin shopper and take forever to make up my mind, he just wants to get in and get out!!) but we had a great time just being together! In the evening we met Mom, Betsy & the boys at Sweet Tomatos so that we could visit! My nephews are so adorable, Canaan told me that they pray every night for me to have a baby!! What a sweetheart!! After a great visit with them we went to Fuddruckers so Kevin could eat. (He doesn't eat at the "Rabbit Restaurant" because it doesn't have enough meat for him!)
This morning I was late for work because I did not want to get out of bed! It was chilly out and it was all nice & toasty under the feather blanket on our bed! (We pulled out our light feather blanket over the weekend, the really thick one normally doesn't get pulled out until Jan. when it really gets cold!) I love cool weather, yet I don't like being cold, so it's too bad you can't have one without the other!! Well, enough rambling for now. I am just trying to fill time until next Wednesday, I guess I will just have to continue to keep really busy!!


mom0ktdid said...

oh I love sweet tomatoes! I am so jealous!
Corey has the same issue with Sweet Tomatoes...argh men who don't eat greens!

andysbethy said...

Well, Andy loves Sweet Tomatoes. I guess I lucked out there.
It was so fun to hang out last night. Thanks for doing that with us.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Oh....Sweet Tomatoes...yummy (my hubby would prefer a huge slab of meat as well) I hated missing the fun Friday night. glad to hear it went well and everyone had a blast...of course, but I missed visiting with everyone.
You think it was cold...we were in a tent in the north georgia mountains...ha ha!! LOVED IT!!

Mandi said...

I'm still praying for you as you wait! I'm glad you've been able to stay busy. Hopefully this next week will go by quickly for you.

Allen and I pulled out our down comforter over the weekend, as well. The chill in the air has definitely arrived, and, despite being cold-natured like you, I love the crisp air!