Monday, October 6, 2008

On the road again!

I couldn't start another blog with the word "weekend" in it, because that is how every other one of my blogs starts!!! But, this is going to be all about our weekend!!!

Kevin and I drove up to Indy with mom & dad to visit G&G Binkley. It was basically 2 days in the car for 1 day of visiting, but it was a good trip overall. We left around 1 or so on Friday (after I got some meds delivered for this months baby-making try) and got in around 9:30. With all the time spent in the car I got in some good reading time (I am currently reading an Elizabeth Aston book, I love that author!!) and visiting with mom. We also made good use of my Nintedo DS and played "Are you smarter than a fifth grader." (Most of the time-with all four of us working together- we were, but sadly not everytime-some of those questions are hard!!) Since I am on my daily shots again, I actually took my shot in the car, I think I am becoming a pro at this whole thing! (But it does still hurt pretty much every time-no fun!!)

Saturday we just hung out with the grandparents & ran up to Whole Foods and Target. We were putting together the family calendar for next year and needed to get some pictures copied & Kevin needed something for his ear. (It was clogged up again, he has had that problem twice in the last year, I think it is from his bluetooth ear piece! It was so disgusting I almost threw up when he was talking about it, and mom thought it was cool! Kevin wonders how I am going to handle changing diapers if ear gunk grosses me out, but I think ear gunk is way worse for some reason. Ears & belly buttons have always grossed me out!) Saturday evening we met up with Dave (my dad's brother) and his wife Agie, and Steve (my mom's brother) and his wife Cheryl as well as Sarah (my cousin-Steve & Cheryl's daughter) and her husband Colin for dinner. It was a cool Italian restaurant with a fun atmosphere, I can't remember the name of it now, but I had never heard of it before. It was great being able to catch up with everyone. I love my family!

Sunday morning Kevin and I slept in while mom & dad went to the early service with G&G and then we loaded up the car and were on the road before 11AM. The trip home seemed to take forever, perhaps because we had just been in the car for forever on Friday, but again we talked, read, played more games, etc. and it wasn't so bad overall!! I was home in time for my shot on Sunday and I spent the rest of the night reading more of my book. (I should be able to finish it soon and pass it on to you mom!)

Now it is Monday and back to work! Fun times!! I didn't really want to get up and going this morning, something about Monday's) I go in for a Dr. appointment tomorrow so we will see what happens with that. I decided I would stick with what the Dr. said and I am only doing the 50 per shot, but I think I might add on more myself if we only have one or two slowly growing again! I will most likely write about how it all goes tomorrow!


mom0ktdid said...

hey! I tagged you! Come over and check it out...though you have been multi-tagged!

andysbethy said...

Hey- I tagged you. Check out my blog for the details. BTW, welcome home. I wish I could have come with you to Indy. Sounds like a fun trip!