Monday, October 27, 2008

No pictures, a big weekend, and a disappointing start to my work week!!

So I tried to upload some pictures from Mom and my trip to the Fox to see Wicked, but I was having a ton of issues, it was going really slow, and I was really tired so that didn't get accomplished! We did have a busy and fairly successful weekend though.
I got off work early on Friday and cleaned the house. Well, actually I just did a deep cleaning in the Mast bathroom and a basic cleaning in the other baths. I always feel better when the house is clean. I also went through all the things in my bathroom cabinet and cleared it out. I have really been into clearing out and organizing lately!
Saturday I went through my closet and dresser and pulled out my really summery clothes so I could put them away and make room for some sweaters and other fall clothing!! We went over to Kevin's mom's house on Saturday afternoon and Mom, dad, and the boys stopped by for a little while as well so Canaan could do some fishing. They didn't stay for long since the fish weren't really biting and dad was exhausted from his long trip. (Mom had literally just picked him up from the airport, he had been up for at least 48 hours on his journey home.) Saturday evening we met Skip & Kaitin and litter Eli for dinner at Fuddruckers. (Kevin's fav!) It was nice to catch up with them, we hadn't seen them since I think July! Little Eli was adorable and since I can't eat anything at Fuddruckers I was elected the baby holder and got to enjoy holding little Eli all evening!! (Side note: frustrating thing for the weekend-Larry was preaching about religion, as usual if he joins in the conversation at all, and I really got angry. Why can't I just say sure Larry and move on even if I don't agree, it would really keep the peace with the In-laws a bit better, but no, I have to say I don't agree and get him preaching even more. Kevin was laughing at me in the car when we left to go meet Skip and Kaitlin because I was so upset about it all, he is just like, "don't listen, just say sure Larry and let the conversation move on the something else." But, I can't seem to hold my tounge. I guess I need to work on that, it would be a lot easier, and more respectful of my elders, if I could just learn to nod my head and move the conversation along, even if I don't agree with a word he is saying. I am constantly being reminded of my failings!! I need a lot of work!!!)
Sunday I got up really early (for a weekend-I was up around 8 or 8:30). I just starting working some more on my organizing and clearing out and then was watching T.V. while I was eating my breakfast and not really paying attention to the time. Finally I heard Kevin call down that it was 10AM and I should probably start getting ready for church. So I finally looked at the clock at this point and see that it isn't 10AM it is 11AM! (The clock in the bedroom is a "smart clock" or something and since this used to be the time for daylight savings it had changed time!) So I run upstairs and start getting ready and make Kevin get out of bed (he had crawled back in for a few more minutes of sleep) and we try to get out the door as fast as we can, but by the time we got over near church it was already 11:45 and the last service starts at 11:30 so I said, never mind and we just went on into town center to the mall because Kevin needed to return some pants we had bought last week anyhow. (I hate walking into church late, 5 minutes I could do, but it would have been at least 20 by the time we got there and got parked!!) So we returned the pants and then went over to JC Penny and got two more pairs. (He needed some new dress pants for work.) In the afternoon we ran some other errands and then picked up some bushes and new mulch for our front beds and worked on that in the late afternoon evening. It was really a perfect day for yard work because it wasn't too hot or too cold!! Even though sometimes I am annoyed at all the rules of living in a neighborhood with an HOA, I am appreciative of the outcome. The yard really does look better now that it has the nice new mulch down!!
This morning I decided to try a pee-test just to see what it said and it was negative. So I have kinda been depressed all morning, but I don't want to give up yet because I think it is still early to try to tell and I know that you can get a fake negative. So I am going to try again tomorrow, as well as Wednesday. I am planning on calling the Dr. today and letting them know I won't be coming in unless I get a positive because I was looking at my finances and spending $180 on the bloodwork for them to tell me whether or not I am pregnant is just not really a good idea right now. If I get a positive on the pee test, then I will call and see what they suggest because I think they do like to check your progesterone levels and other things to be sure everything is good, and I could reason spending the money better if it was because I knew I was pregnant, but last month, when I got the negative result back, I was really depressed over it all, not just that I wasn't pregnant, but that I had just spent so much money (after the tons of money I had already spent with all the treatments) just for them to confirm that I was not pregnant!! I don't think I can do that again this month!! I will keep you posted on what happens though, after tomorrow and Wednesday, or if I talk to the Dr. and they say I need to wait even longer before I test or something.


mom0ktdid said...

Wow, reading your blog makes me so tired! ha ha!

andysbethy said...

We Binkley's sure do know how to talk, don't we. Sorry I wasn't there to argue with Larry with you, or at least distract you, so that you wouldn't argue with him. Don't let it get to you hon.... there will always be someone you disagree with. Like Kevin said, it is just about learning to nod, and say, hmmmm and ignore. Someday, you will be the "older, wiser" one, and get to state your opinion as fact too, okay?!
Don't stress about the pee either... it's still early. Keep us posted.

Kelsey and Travis said...

Mom said that I missed a party the other day when you expanded your organization to her house and y'all cleaned out her room and bathroom. I'm so sorry to hear that the second pee yest showed negative Em. I wish that all of us could be together to just love on you. I have been supper home sick lately. It is coming up to five months that we have been here and I realized that a little over five months will be the longest that I have been away from all my sisters. Missing you and love ya!!!! Kels