Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here we go again....

So I started yesterday evening! (Nearly on time, I guess these drugs are getting me on a regular schedule at least, so that must mean something!) I have a Dr. appointment set up for tomorrow morning so that they can check me out and make sure all is go for another try this cycle. I have really been feeling ill all day. I have never really had bad cramping or been irritable when Aunt Flow comes to visit, but I am feeling her anger this time. I have been uncomfortable since yesterday and it has put me in a bad mood, so sorry for anyone who had to spend time with me, I know I wasn't very pleasant company! Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow, but again-if feeling like this means my cycle is getting more normal and I will maybe actually get pregers this time that will be A-OK with me. We are hoping I have enough Follistem left so that I don't have to order more of that. (Hopefully so because that was like seven or eight hundred dollars right there!) However, I do wonder if I want to insist on ordering more since we only had 2 eggs that responded last time and I don't think they ever really got big enough-my theory on why it didn't work last time! But, I don't want to spend the extra $$ if I don't have to either! I guess we will see what happens after the Dr. appt. in the morning!

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