Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting my priorities straight!

So I was completely convicted today (While reading a story from someone else on my brother-in-law's brother's blog-boy is that confusing!) that I have really let this wanting to be a mother thing take over my life. Being a woman of God, and making sure that all I do is in line with what He wants for my life should always be my top priority. I know I have been spending more time, at the Dr., taking shots, talking, blogging, and stressing about this whole "trying to get knocked up" thing than I have spent focusing on my relationship with Christ. I grew up with Christ always being a part of my life, I can't even imagine life w/o Him. I think I tend to lean toward a "casual" relationship with Jesus. I know what an amazing thing he did for me, yet my daily relationship with Him has always been more-"what's up, Thanks for all you do and have done, sorry I messed up-again, please do this or that, love ya." But, just because I was born and raised with a concentration on keeping a relationship with Christ at all times, I (like others I'm sure) will let the things in this life take over my thoughts, my heart, etc. and then I lose focus on what really matters.

Now, don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I will stop blogging about my desire to enter motherhood, I just will be trying to daily remind myself of the saying we were raised on...Jesus, Others, Yourself. If I can keep that in mind, then I know that I am doing exactly what God wants me to do, and everything else will fall into place. I, like all of my sisters I believe, have really always known that I will be a mother someday, and hopefully to a large family. We were a big happy family and I have always wanted that myself. I believe that you should ask for what you want, I know that God knows the perfect answer for everything we ask, and sometimes we aren't listening, or don't want to hear what he says, but I know He always answers. If He has told me no to the family thing, I am most definitely in denial, but I really don't think that's it. I love the verse (I don't remember where it is, but it is in there!!) that talks about the persistent person. It talks about how even someone who isn't good will finally give in if you keep asking, so how much more so will God give to those who He loves and who love Him. (O.K. I scanned through the first few books of the new testament until I found it!! Luke 11:5-13-but the point of the story is that God will give you the Holy Spirit, so maybe that doesn't really work for my point I was trying to make!) But, overall my point is that I still want to be a mother more than anything, but I need to be sure that this desire is put in the right spot-after my desire for God!

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andysbethy said...

I think I know the story you are talking about, about the judge and the woman who kept asking for what she wanted? (I guess I could go look it up...) I think what we are supposed to remember is that God truly does want what is best for us, ALWAYS. Even when we can't see it, or understand it, or think we would do it exactly that way. HIS timing is always perfect. Maybe that is the word you need to focus on... his TIMING. I truly believe he has called you to be a mother Emilee. He has given you that gifting. So, in His timing, he will let you use that gift. He wouldn't have given you the gift if he didn't plan for you to use it. So don't stress about when. He is in charge of that. I would love for it to be next week. But, that isn't my place to decide. It is HIS.
Just remember that he is your best friend. Complain if you need to - he'll listen. Just don't forget to praise also. And ramble about your daily nothing. Let him be your best friend.
I love you so much little sister.