Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to the drawing board (or should I say Dr. table)

Well, It was negative! I guess I knew it was going to be negative, I feel like God was preparing me for a negative result for the last few days. I also took an at home pregnancy test last night and it was negative. I cried in the shower before bed, but thought "Hey, it could be wrong." But it was negative the official results are it is back to the beginning again.
The next question is whether we want to try it all over again this next cycle, or take some time off. In a way I really want to do it again right away, but then I don't know if I could really handle all the emotions again so quick. Trying to get pregnant is emotional enough in itself, then you add in the fact that you are paying someone a TON of money to torture you and draw your blood make you drive all over town to different Dr. offices for early morning appointments (in Atlanta traffic, with a gas shortage issue) and you really start thinking you might go crazy!! (Or maybe I already am!!)
Kevin was sweeter than I thought he would be about the whole thing, but I could tell he was getting frustrated with me since I haven't been in the best of moods today! If I am not in a good mood, he gets in a bad mood, I guess he doesn't think anyone deserves to throw a private pity party, so then I kinda get mad about him busting in on my private party!! However, it does make me get out of my bad mood because I see how annoying someone in a bad mood can be!!!
Well, I don't want to leave on a negative note, so I will say that the last few days my phone was acting crazy and finally died this morning, so Kevin and I went to Best Buy after I got back to the Dr. appointment and Harry's and I got a cool new phone. It is green and has a built in MP3 player! We also got some slate tile at Home Depot to put down on the hearth for our fireplace Kevin built! I guess that will be a weekend project for a later time, tomorrow we are going up the the 'rents to help finish their floors. I am also super glad Mom & Dad are home from Uganda!
P.S. Kevin adds that he thinks I write like I am in high school since I said super glad, I guess once you are grown up you are only supposed to be glad not super glad! But, I really am SUPER GLAD, cause I love my mommy!!


andysbethy said...

I am Super Glad that Mom and Dad are home too. Andy is a dork. Don't listen to your messages on your phone unless you want to be deafened.
I love you. Call me and tell me about your new phone. Sounds like it is the new version of mine. Great fun!

mom0ktdid said...

I am super glad all the time! Just tell him to be glad there isn't a font where you could put hearts as the dots for your "i"s, or you would really lay it on thick! ha!
I agree that Andy is a dork. ha ha!!!! And I don't even have to know what she was talking about!
jk, love you all!