Friday, September 24, 2010

Life...& what has been keeping me away!

I don't mean to be bad at this whole blogging thing, I really do have great intentions, but apparently I just don't have enough time to get everything done that I like to think it possible!! (Just check out my wedding blog...I haven't posted ONE THING since my first post-I really have so much to say, just no time to type it up and post it!!)

Life has been keeping me really busy, with some fun times enjoying our "vacation", some long drives (see uhaul pic below), work, saying yes to even more projects that are added to my overcrowded "to do" list, fabric shopping (I just can't say no to a good deal!!), tv watching (So excited for all the Fall shows that are back-Glee, Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory are my 3 favs!!) and of course weddings!! (Fall is a big wedding season!!)

I love my life, but I could really use more time-I just don't know what it is that I would give up to make more time!! I like everything that I do...and really just want to keep adding more on!! I wish I could give up some sleep, but I can't function if I don't get enough sleep, so that one can't go by the wayside!!

Over the 2nd weekend in Sept, Mom, Dad, Travis, Kevin and I drove up to Indy and back to move some of my grandparent's furniture/etc. down here since they are moving into a small apartment. (We left around 7:30AM on Saturday, and got back to C-ville and returned the Uhaul trailer by 6PM on Sunday-I think we spent as much or MORE time in the car than we did in Indy!!) (There is a too funny MIRACLE story that goes along with this weekend as well. Friday night we loaded up our living room furniture and drove it up to Kelsey & Travis' house near Chattanooga. When we got there around 11PM we saw that we were missing a couch cushion. Kev figured we just left it at our house, but I was pretty sure it was on the side of the road somewhere. There wasn't really anything we could do about it at this point, and we had to get up early the next morning and drive up to Indy, so we were just PRAYING it was at home!! Mary called us Saturday morning on her way down to Marietta and so we told her to keep an eye out for it just in case...she was in a hurry and said she wouldn't have time even if she did see it. A few minutes later she called back to say she had found the cushion!! She had seen it nearly immediately after getting off the phone and so she went back to get it. (She was on I75 mind you, so she had to go around to the other side of the Hwy to get it and then loop back around to go back the way she was needing to go!!) It truly is a miracle that she happened to call right before driving by it, so that she would know and remember to look for it, that she saw it, and that it was perfectly fine! (It spent the night on the side of the Interstate, but thankfully it didn't rain that night!) Kels sprayed it with Lysol and Fabreze so that she wouldn't be weird-ed out about using it!! Praise God for the little miracles that come our way!!

(My green fingernails!! I painted them green last weekend because green was a big part of the wedding I did last weekend at Stonewall Manor. I thought it was a nice way to blend in with the wedding!!)

Fabric scraps I stuffed into a bag from Tiny Stitches in Marietta.
(It was $5 a bag for as much as you could stuff in there of these little scraps!) I needed some yellow and brown scraps for one of those extra "to do list" projects I added recently and then just stuffed as much of the other cute fabric scraps I could in there!! I really love a good challenge!!
(I also went over to Hancock Fabrics and got some great fabric from their sale rack as well. Now I have been busy washing it all...I am not looking forward to all the ironing I now have to do!!)

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