Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Quilt Challenge

At our July 10th AtlMQG meeting at Whipstitch we were given a new challenge.

It is to make a mini quilt by our Sept 12th meeting, which will then be put on display at the store.

What an exciting challenge!! I am a bit nervous though...that means, a little piece of me and my artistic expression with fabric will be hanging up for all to see right next to some other amazing artists work.

I have never made a mini quilt before, but I have been seeing them online in the blogging world a lot lately. So the question is what to do? Wednesday evening I finally set down with some scraps I had organized (from some recent projects I had made, or cut out to make) and starting sewing whatever came to mind. It was so relaxing, and exciting all in one!!

Here is what I have so to find the time to finish this up so that I can get to work quilting it. I am really excited about my plan for the quilting!!


Carrie said...

ha ha, at first I thought the top picture was the actual quilt. I was super impressed with the impressionistic nature of your design!
Beautiful color choices. You are so talented!

Kelli Belle said...

This is really pretty, Emilee! I love the colors. I saw the picture of the quilt you're making for Mary it's adorable!! :)