Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding season begins...

I'm so excited!
and I just can't hide it...
(Seriously, I can't say/type anything without thinking of a song-and this one goes well with a wedding theme-or as least the wedding night!!)

Wedding season has started and I had my first wedding of the year at Stonewall Manor last weekend!(Sorry, this is a horrible photo that I snapped on my iphone-I will say I am so glad to have my iphone though. I totally saved the DJ's rear when I got a song request from itunes for him that he had forgotten about!!)

I absolutely love wedding season!

Now if I can just catch up on sleep somehow I will be good!! (Wedding season takes pre-season busy weekends and makes them look boring and slow!!)

This weekend was great, but extremely full! With the rehearsal on Friday afternoon, and a full day on my feet on Saturday it is a big job, but I LOVED every minute of it!!
(I am so excited about all the upcoming weddings in the next few months!!)

More to come on the rest of our busy weekend...

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Carrie said...

So, is this a hobby you do for the love of the people you do it for, or do you actually charge and make money from it? Just wondering.. I love weddings!