Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the sewing room...

I haven't done any sewing in what seems like forever, but I have been busy cutting things out when I get a few moments everyday.

I have been going through my scraps cutting out 10 1/2" squares (from the big pieces) and house blocks.
Victoria over at Bumble Beans is collecting house blocks, 10 1/2" squares, binding and backing for charity quilts she is making.
(I sent her some 10 1/2" squares and binding last month)

I have been listening to my new cd as well.
I loved the 1234 ipod commercial, and have wanted this cd since I saw it. (I couldn't find the actual commercial video, but I found this MadTV parody on you tube just now.)
When I was at Borders this weekend, with a coupon burning a hole in my pocket, I thought I would go ahead and pick it up!(And just look at the inside of the cd case, Gutermann thread, my fave!)

I also spent a good amount of money on some more fabric...I know I have a problem, no matter how much I already have on hand, I keep finding more that I need (you can translate that to want)!


Anonymous said...

Good finds. I like your houses. I happened to be near Whipstitch today. Bad move on the wallet.


Wow Em! You are always finding such cute fabrics and thread! I love your houses! You are so talented at sewing! :)

Between family, friends, work, husband, you always imagine to read, paint, decorate, sew and do crafts too! You are AMAZING! How do you fit it all in!!?? I am still on my same quilt.


Andy's Bethy said...

I just skimmed this the first time I was on here, didn't actually read it. You bought MORE fabric. Seriously girl, you have a problem! Kevin is going to kill you.
I am going to have to borrow that CD sometime, sounds like a good one. I love you, crazy chick!

Najah said...