Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm blue da ba dee dabba da-ee....


I guess I am actually more

but I don't know a fun song for that color!

(Wow, does that age me or what!?! I remember really loving this song in college!)

Over our VERY FULL weekend Kev and I painted the master bedroom.

I had been wanting to re-do our bedroom for awhile now...

hence the purchase of this lovely fabric, (for a new dust-ruffle and curtains)
and this foam, (for a future headboard)
and this dresser, (which Kevin still thinks is fit for the junkyard and I ABSOLUTELY love!!)
and so earlier in the week, when I mentioned to Kevin that I really wanted to get some painting done, and maybe I should just hire someone to do it, he said "let's do it this weekend."


Saying I will hire someone to do it motivated him to get it done ourselves RIGHT NOW...I will have to remember that!
(We did some furniture rearranging also, I moved my chair into the office and put the small table that was in our dining room as a new bedside table)I still have a lot to do to get our bedroom re-do where I want, but I am so happy to have it painted finally!(I also painted out the little fleur-de-lis I had stenciled all over our bathroom walls years ago, I think I want to go with aqua in here as well, maybe a little darker shade...but one step at a time!)

Thanks again babe!
You were quite a trooper painting away, inside all day on Saturday while it was so pretty outside and I know you really wanted to be elsewhere!!

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Carrie said...

Your new room color is amazing and I LOVE your dresser!
We should do a double date night sometime since we share similar tastes in things! :) I think Kevin and Corey have a ton in common with all their love of techy stuff!