Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a wonderful, family-fun-filled Easter we had!
Kev helped me out a ton and I had a blast cooking away (while he did most of the cleaning and weeding that I had so dreadfully neglected because I was distracted by other things!! What a great husband I have!!)
Sunday we had a full house with Kevin's parents (Barb & Larry) and all my family (Mom, Dad, ABC&Z, Kels & Travis-we were only missing Mary, otherwise we were all there) over for an afternoon of yummy food, visiting, movies and fun! (A total of 12 seats were needed, which is all I have at the house unless you move outside, and it was a bit too hot to really enjoy eating outside!)(We always get pictures of our feet, don't ask me why, we just always have!!)

Mom and Dad!

(Mr. C found a four leaf clover! What a lucky guy!!)

The Freeman Family!

After lunch we did an Easter egg hunt for the boys (they actually hid the eggs for us first, then we hid the eggs for them) and enjoyed the beautiful sunny and warm weather! (I have been ready for the warm weather for awhile, but it was downright HOT after being outside for awhile, I am not sure if I am ready for that!! They say it will be in the 80's all week and I spent time on Friday evening, when I should have been cleaning, pulling out all my summer clothes because I was too hot to even look at my winter clothes anymore!!)We missed you Mare!

We watched Planet 51 with the boys, and then after it was down to just Betsy, Kels, Travis, Kev and I we went out and played some Frisbee and then watched Sherlock Holmes. (Which Kev had bought last week!)
Saturday I had fun with two lovely ladies from the AMQG. Nicole sweetly opened up her home (tell you hubby and little Zubin thanks for letting us come and take over the dining room with our sewing machines and mess!) and we sewed and chatted and I finally got a nametag made! I had fun playing around with all Nicole's scraps, I was going to work on my PWG blocks, but was too distracted by the fun tiny scrapes she was working with!! (Oh, and thanks again Melissa for the batting so I could get it almost finished, now I just need to hand sew the binding down and write my name!!)

Nicole also allowed me to dive into her scrap bin for so wonderful scraps (these are some nice size pieces too! I am so excited to make something with all this loveliness!) and gave me a couple of books to read...I guess I need to get busy on my "to read" list just keeps getting bigger and bigger!!

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