Thursday, March 25, 2010

Since I am a procrastinator...

I have known that I was a procrastinator since my days at Reinhardt College. (Which is now Reinhardt University.)

I was the one that studied my butt (mom will be offended I said about hiney?) off and worked really hard at keeping my GPA up, but when it came to papers (which I really liked writing, I was a communications major, believe it or not! If you read this blog on a regular basis you might wonder what happened there...let's just say I could use an editor!!) I would be up all night finishing it the night before it was due.
It wasn't that I wouldn't think about it before hand, I just couldn't get motivated to actually write it until it was down to the wire!

Now that I am out of college I am apparently still the same procrastinator when it comes to other projects in my life! (I think this may have something to do with the fact that I pretty much never say anything. I like to stay busy!) I was up until 2-3 am pretty much every night last week, and over the weekend and until after 1 am every night this week working on projects!

One of the things I was working on was the Owl blocks for the Block Swap I had signed up for. Aunt Pitty Pat is the host and I had done my first block swap with her as well. I finished up the owl blocks last night and got them sent out this morning! (Hopefully they make it in time, they are due on Saturday!!)
I also have been busy preparing things for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt that is this Saturday, (Thankfully I have some sweet neighbors who are going to be able to help me this year, which is good because I have over 500 eggs to fill and 50 cupcakes to make and frost!) and some quick sewing for my neighbor who has an upcoming photo shoot. (She sells children's clothing.)
Side note:
Is anyone else wondering what's the deal with all the letters that keep coming from the census department?
I thought we were trying to cut back on spending people.
Is it really necessary to send out a letter telling me I am about to get the census,
then the census (pre-paid envelope to send back in, I am glad about that!)
and then another one saying I should have recieved my census please fill out and return.
That just seems a little wasteful to me...(not to mention bad for the environment, how many people will be recycling these letters?) maybe this is part of our problem!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, I totally agree about the wasteful letters! Makes me so annoyed. Question, since the letter is specifically for April first, are we not supposed to send it until then? I have had it filled out since the day it came... but don't know if I can send it yet. Any ideas?