Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our trip to DC

Here is our trip to DC in pictures...

Mt. Vernon

This is Kevin (and Tim's) boss Jonathan, from when they worked at CFA in High School, and his beautiful wife Crystal! It is always to nice to catch up with them at seminar each year!

Library of Congress

National Cathedral
Lincoln Memorial
White House

Jefferson Memorial

Natural History MuseumThe Hope diamond

Air & Space Museum(Yes, of course I had to get a picture of this, bathrooms in space...anyone with IC would want the picture people!!)

Ford's Theatre

China Town
(That is Kev & I, he had this full head cover thing on because it was so cold, too funny!!)

The Capital

We had fun with Tim, too bad his lovely bride Anna couldn't make it for the fun this year!!

Washington Memorial

Some faves....

(It was WINDY people...and SOOOOO cold!!)

I loved this little apartment building, it was right by our hotel, so we passed it everyday on our way out to the metro...which was one of my favorite things about the trip! I LOVED the metro and somehow I didn't get any pictures on the trains, or in the stations...too bad!!

A beautiful Monet at the National Art Museum!

When we were walking back to our hotel one evening there was this limo in traffic with a deer head sticking out of the random I HAD to get a picture!

We took a million pictures (or at least if felt like it) at the National Air and Space Museum because my darling 6 year old nephew wants to go there so bad. (Noni and Papaw had him and Zion last weekend, so they took them to Disney World. When they were telling him they were going somewhere special he asked if they could go Washington DC to the National Air and Space Museum! What a cutie!!)
Since you couldn't get up there, Auntie Em and Uncle Kevin went there especially for you Mr. C and took a ton of pictures! Ask mommy to show them to you, I sent them all to her!!


Anonymous said...

Super groovy.


Oh wow Em! Such great photo's! Looks like ya'll had a fun trip! And the Limo photo - hilarious!

Carrie said...

Did you ever know what was up with the deer?? was it alive??
Washington, DC, has so many great photo ops! Very fun!

Andy's Bethy said...

Canaan loved the pictures of the museum (and bunches of the others - thanks for sending us a link to the album)
I especially love the windy one! Hilarious!
Glad you are home safe, and had fun.