Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Long Fatal Love Chase, by Louisa May Alcott

(Just for fun here is a picture of the snowman my boss built on Tuesday after it stopped snowing! Isn't he cute!)

I picked up this book from the library on my first visit, but I didn't get a chance to read it, so I had to re-check it out, then we went to DC and I didn't want to travel with a library book, I guess I am a bit old fashioned, I was worried about taking a borrowed book on the road! So I finally got to read it this week! (Which it was due today, so when I finished the last few chapters last night it was just in time!!)

In the Binkley household, we grew up reading Little Women, as well as Little Men and Jo's Boys, but I had never heard of this one before. I guess that is partially due to the fact that it wasn't even published until over 100 years after it was written. In 1995 Kent Bicknell edited it and got it published. A Long Fatal Love Chase is very different from her other books. You can read a summary of the book here. I really enjoyed that, seeing the diversity in her writing, but I wasn't prepared for the sad would think with a title like A Long Fatal Love Chase I would have been prepared, but I was still so sad at the end and wanted it to turn out differently! I am a happy ending type of girl. If I am escaping reality to read, I want a happy ending, which is also why I keep putting off reading Wuthering Heights!

In a way I was reminded of The Tenent of Wildfell Hall. It was a completely different story, but the heroine, Rosamond, reminded me of Helen in a way. Just because they are both such good characters, as in morally good beyond what I believe to be possible!! If you are prepared for the sad ending, then I would say it is a good read.

In sewing news....

My neighbor dropped off two bags of fabric scraps at my door on Thursday, so that was a fun treat to come home to! I need to be working on the name tag for the quilting guild, (our second meeting is tomorrow and I am supposed to have made one...oops!) or the owl quilt blocks for the swap I signed up for and are due this month, or the many baby quilts for all the babies due within the next few weeks and months...but instead, after finishing A Long Fatal Love Chase, I went through the scraps and made some fun modern blocks. I really haven't done this type of sewing before, and it was fun!!! Some of the scraps were REALLY TINY!!!
I made two 10 1/2 inch blocks and started two more, but I finally had to put them away to save for another day.
I need to get to work on some projects that are more pressing...sewing, cleaning, baking, organizing, etc. We bought a filing cabinet a few weeks ago and I need to get that into working order...that is a project that I dread, but I know I will feel relieved once it is done and our papers are finally organized!! We will see if it makes it onto the list for this weekend or not...


Andy's Bethy said...

That is such a David snowman - he is such a dork, just like Andy. How funny.
I will have to look for the LM Alcott book. Sounds like a nice change of pace.
Love the modern squares - seriously girl, you are such an artist.

Carrie said...

You think Mrs. Alcott had this secret piece that she worked out all her tragedy in so it didn't invade her other stories and then didn't want it published? interesting...but not to be read by me...hate sad endings!