Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend overview

I started working on some of the Pink White and Green blocks from the No Sew block swap I did. I sewed one of the blocks up a week or two ago and I can't remember if I have already shared a picture of it or not, so here it is! I hope to get the rest of them sewed together soon. I was too busy with the owl blocks, sewing for my neighbor and preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt for our neighborhood last week to work on it!

The Easter Egg Hunt was a success! We had a wonderful turnout, the weather couldn't have been more beautiful and I even had lots of help, so it was a wonderful day indeed! I forgot my camera, but here are a few pictures that one of my neighbor's took of her little guy enjoying the event. I ended up stuffing around 600 eggs, and with the others that my lovely neighbors stuffed and put on my door step we ended up with quite a pile of eggs to hide. Thanks again to everyone who helped!! (Either by dropping off stuffed eggs, helping me hide them, or baking/decorating the cupcakes.) I really appreciate the help!

This is a sewing machine and table/chair combo that one of my neighbor's gave me a couple weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, the drawers inside the chair are full of who knows what and there is an old machine inside of it, but for now it is working out perfectly as an ironing board table!

After the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday Kev and I took my dresser/mirror, bedside table, our bedroom tv cabinet and an old chair (that was his Grandpa Ray's that he loves, but we just don't have any extra room for it!) up to my parents house...i.e. our dumping ground/storage place!
Here is a picture of my new dressers. (Which Kevin absolutely HATES, they are shabby chic and he thinks that look horrible!!) I picked up some contact paper over the weekend, now I need to clean out the drawers and put in the contact paper so I can get all my clothes off my floor and into their new home!!

We also bought a new vacuum over the weekend, I don't have a picture to show you, but you can click here to see which one we bought. No word yet on how I like it, I've only used it for about 2 seconds so far!


Anonymous said...

That sewing table is awesome. Super cute. I like the color it is, and I could see it jazzed up. I am very into beaten up shabby things. My husband hates them, along with my Fiesta Ware collection and my heavy silverware.

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, I LOVE the new dressers. I was going to try to see them when I was at mom's a few weeks ago, and didn't get to. Hopefully I will make it over to your house this next weekend.
That sewing table is adorable. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh my goodness....LOOOOVEEEE The new dressers!!!!!! So glad the sewing table worked out. I loved it, but just had not one single place for it. It's so precious!!