Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Pie in the Sky

My week last week, my entire weekend, and this week so far has been a blur of activity with really no down time, and hardly any sleep!!!

While I had a moment I wanted to post a few pictures from my brother in law Andy's birthday party that we had on Saturday afternoon at Big Pie in the Sky. The pizza here is MASSIVE!!! They were even featured on the tv show, Man vs. Food!

Here is the carnivore!!

Also, my adorable baby sister Mary was home last week for Spring Break and she bought me a surprise!! A neat Jane Austen themed book that she found on the sale rack at Books A Million! What a sweet little sister I have!! Love ya Mare!!


Anonymous said...

As a diabetic who mourns the loss of my pizza-eating days, I envy you

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, what a great pic of Mom and Zion.
Let me know about the book - looks fun!

Anonymous said...

since Em doesn't eat much of anything...mothermotherocean doesn't need to envy her.... thanks for the great pictures...mom